VoLTE for Australian Customers

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Any word on if ASUS will be adding VoLTE support for Australian carriers? Really could have been sorted by now. My phone is now 2 months old, and I feel like ASUS has given up on it. Do not tell me it will be fixed in next phone....I did not buy an early access phone or Beta phone, I bought a phone you offered in Australia and advertised as full featured. Please support the Carriers in countries you take money from. Seems like customers are having to put up with a lot of bad development/update decisions from ROG Phone 3 atm. Really hard to recommend your brand.


  • What carrier are you with and are you getting any 5g? Aussie here too, not getting 5g or volte on Vodafone or Telstra :(

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    Mate they don't support VoLTE in Australia at all for some unbelievable reason. 5G you can turn on in Network settings, however i would leave it turned off. The phone only supports low band 5G which is in most cases worse than 4G. I'm with Optus.

  • From what I've seen on the forums volte isn't supported on most places :v I haven't got 5g at home and 4g+(or ++ when it wants to) is more than fast enough for me anyway

  • @realistix I've passed your request on. I'll let you know if I learn something new on the subject.

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