(MaxProM1)(v432) Hotspot Usage not always counted in Data Usage

The amount of data used via hotspot is not reflected at all sometimes in the data usage section.

Turning mobile data off and on while still hotspot is on starts the session and is reflected in data usage.

eg: 1gb data was sent via hotspot but only 37mb is shown that too after turning mobile data on and off.

@Christine_ASUS Have you encountered the same issue?


  • Hi Anandu 

    I just tested my devices, please check "Hotspot & tethering" <--> "Google Play Store"+"Youtube"

    *Left: ZB602KL V432, factory reset>device setting with the Wi-Fi>opened mobile data and hotspot

    *Right: ZB602KL V087, factory reset>device setting with the Wi-Fi>linked to the hotspot of V432 device and downloaded PUBG and watched YouTube video

  • It does show data usage but is very inconsistent. And it resolves when i toggle on/off mobile data.

    Today i used 500mb on laptop via mobile hotspot and it shows less than 100mb used.

    Thank You for the response and the depiction of data usage via hotspot. That same does work on mine too but not always.

    Also i had reset v432 various times for different reasons and i mostly am always backedup. And it always a hit and miss with the hotspot and tethering.

    Not an issue of worry for me though. Just reporting.

    Thank you for the response anyway.

  • Hi Anandu 

    My testing result is consistent to me due to my device on right, ZB602KL V087, had download some system app from the work place router first so the device on right had slightly more gigabyte usage than the one on left, which is ok for me. Sorry that I didn't clarify it first. BTW, have you unlocked/rooted the device before?

    Anyway, thank you for letting me know. I am always glad to discuss some situation with you :)

  • It's okay. I understood the screenshots and i believed it because i too have the same results, just not always.

    No, i have never rooted the device or unlocked it, only a fastboot code for camera2api setting hal3=true. Nothing except for that.

    Disclosing the app list if it helps in any way.

  • Hi Anandu

    I will test the case once more. Also, how often do you notice the issue?

  • Almost always. Just tried 3 to 4 times via hotspot and usb tethering and used 300MB but hotspot and tethering only shows 1.5MB . Even switched on/off mobile data after turning on hotspot, still didn't work correctly. In previous beta builds couldn't remember which ones ,but there wasn't this issue.

    Even the net speed indicator that i use (nisarg javeri developer) used to show upload / download speed and total data usage correctly for the hotspot.

  • Let me check with relevant team and further reply. Thanks!

  • Yes✌️

    Today used hotspot for laptop in multiple sessions with total of 1GB.

    One of the sessions has been reflected correctly and is showing 157MB

  • Hi RadeonPS

    After checking, for the users who have concern about the Mobile Data Usage counting while using USB Tethering, please refer to your linking PC for data counting or downgrade your device to Android 9.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and your valuable advice will be included in future design and optimization considerations. Thank you.

    #ZB602KL Firmware Spot


    #Android 10 to Android 9 Guide


  • I didn't use USB tethering much, used hotspot mostly which has this issue as far as i know. Not a major one to downgrade OS though.

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