ROG Kunai Gamepad 3

Good day. Hope i get a reply to clarify ASAP as this is my first time purchasing the latest Kunai Gamepad. I was trying it out and everything has been perfect EXCEPT the D-Pad. Is the D-Pad supposed to be only 4 directions? I cant seem to press Up and Right at the same time like other D-Pads. It only registers either Up or Right. Basically any diagonal direction will not work. Ive tested in most games and emulators. Other bluetooth gamepads no issue. So i cant play tekken with this basically while other D Pads is fine. Is this just the way Kunai 3 was designed?


  • Any other owners of the Kunai gamepad 3 kindly do let me know too.. Are your D-pads only 4-Way too instead of 8-Way? Hope you guys can test it and let me know.

    Sample Scenario: I cant jump in Tekken or do combos when i cant press diagonal directions

  • @yuan196 Let me check with the team and get back to you.

  • @yuan196 I just got confirmation that the Kunai 3 D-pad is 4-directional with key mapping through Game Genie.

  • That is very unfortunate. Im pretty sure a 8 way D-Pad is most definitely standard. For the price of this gamepad it shouldn't be 4-way only for sure.. but i still love the product nonetheless. Hope the next one will be improved or maybe there is a software update that can make two directions to be pressed at one time. For fighting games like Street fighter, tekken etc.. its very important.

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