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Good day. Hope i get a reply to clarify ASAP as this is my first time purchasing the latest Kunai Gamepad. I was trying it out and everything has been perfect EXCEPT the D-Pad. Is the D-Pad supposed to be only 4 directions? I cant seem to press Up and Right at the same time like other D-Pads. It only registers either Up or Right. Basically any diagonal direction will not work. Ive tested in most games and emulators. Other bluetooth gamepads no issue. So i cant play tekken with this basically while other D Pads is fine. Is this just the way Kunai 3 was designed?


  • Any other owners of the Kunai gamepad 3 kindly do let me know too.. Are your D-pads only 4-Way too instead of 8-Way? Hope you guys can test it and let me know.

    Sample Scenario: I cant jump in Tekken or do combos when i cant press diagonal directions

  • @yuan196 Let me check with the team and get back to you.

  • @yuan196 I just got confirmation that the Kunai 3 D-pad is 4-directional with key mapping through Game Genie.

  • That is very unfortunate. Im pretty sure a 8 way D-Pad is most definitely standard. For the price of this gamepad it shouldn't be 4-way only for sure.. but i still love the product nonetheless. Hope the next one will be improved or maybe there is a software update that can make two directions to be pressed at one time. For fighting games like Street fighter, tekken etc.. its very important.

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    I showed this thread on reddit and others have complained the same! (Can't link yet)

    Isn't there a way to fix this with an update? I would hate to cancel my order for these controllers as this is very important! This is extremely disappointing. Please review this.

  • Yes I tried myself a few days ago and couldn't do quarter-circle motions with my fighting games. Huge issue and definite deal breaker in that regard.

  • Yes i can confirm this. The d-pad just 4 directional in every kind of circumstances (not just keymapping)

    And then some games has an issue with the analog because it's circular not squared. So the travel is limited. Cannot go full corner.

    Hope there's an update to fix that. @Gustav_ASUS

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