Touch Latency drops and Sets to fps to 60fps when streaming with elgato and asus rog 3

JímCODMJímCODM Level 1
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SO...I'm a pro Codm player and this is becoming a serious problem for me,I make content on proffesional tournaments and the highest level game play.

When I connect my phone to stream through an Elgato capture card (elgato 60s+) the touch latency of the screen drops and CODM is unplayable I understand the FPS dropping to 60fps because it's a 60FPS game but why does the touch latency of the phone drop too,it is impossible to record or stream gameplay I had the same problem with my previous asus rog 2 and thought buying the highest spec rog 3 would change this I'm honestly debating just buying an iphone because from other pro players I have been told there is no touch latency drop from iphone when recording or streaming (streaming is a secondary source of income for me but with the right device and no touch latency drop it could be a main source of income) any answers are appreciated i can't find anything to solve this anywhere


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