Snapchat using wrong lens

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  • It's by design and this is because most 3rd party apps use the selfie cam for video calls. Long video calls. The imx 686 sensor we use is great but not built for 1+ hour of video. It will get too hot. This is why we use the IMX 363 sensor and crop it to make it less ultra wide view.

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    It's by design and it's a bad one.

    Not every user will use the front cam for 1+ hour video calls, most of use would use it as just a camera to take a picture, or a few seconds video, but not 1+ hour.

    Just allow us to change what lens we want to use in third party apps, with a global setting and a warning.

    And why not make it that it automatically switch to the wide lens if it's too hot ? Assuming it's really a heat issue.

    What I don't get is why we can use it when filming normally but not as a selfie, beside that, we can still use it with the flip tool, the image is upside down but it still works...

    Bad design choices, I love this phone but if ASUS does not want to hear from their customers I might no get an ASUS next time, I'm plenty satisfied with the phone, I'm coming from a Samsung (and don't want them anymore), but some of the bad choices made for very rare cases hurt most users...

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