Zoom X2 in Camera App.

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Hi, I previously had an Asus rog Phone 2, and in the camera there is the Zoom X2 option directly on the screen, no need to pinch the screen to zoom. The Rog Phone 3 has a great camera but it doesn't bring that option that the Rog 2 has. I know that the Rog 3 doesn't have X2 optical zoom, but could you implement that option in the camera on the rog3? it is a good option to zoom quickly.

If you could add that option in future OTAs, I would be very grateful.


  • Do you know that you can swipe with your thumb on the camera/lens select button to quickly zoom? Because we added this feature on ROG 3, it felt unnecessary to clutter the interface with a 2X button

  • @Anders_ASUS I know that by sliding your finger you can zoom, but with the X2 button, you get to zoom X2 instantly. Sliding your finger to adjust the zoom is more difficult to adjust to x2 and slower. This was a very useful Rog 2 feature that the Rog 3 doesn't have.

  • Seriously, no one who has had Rog 2, doesn't miss this feature in Rog 3? I use the camera a lot, and it is a great loss not to have this X2 zoom button. Adjusting it with your finger is tedious, with the X2 button it is instantaneous ... please add it in future OTAs, this option does not overload the interface, it improves it.

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