VoLTE support in Movistar Spain

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Hi! Happy user of ZenFone 6 here 😄

As the title says, simple question: are there any plans to enable VoLTE support in Movistar Spain?

I bought a ZenFone 6 some months ago and I really like it, it's a perfect phone for me 😀. However, by reading "VoLTE support" in the specs I thought it would have VoLTE working out of the box, but then I learned by reading some posts here that it appears there is some kind of "certification" that has to be done between Asus and the operator in order to enable it, right?

With some of the previous OTA updates, I have seen in the changelog that support for VoLTE was enabled for some other European operators.

It would be really nice to have this feature enabled here too. The three major operators in Spain (Movistar, Vodafone and Orange) already have it available in their networks. So... Does Asus have any plans to enable it in any operator Spain?



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