stutters when recording 4K 60 fps video

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edited December 2020 in ROG Phone 3

1.asus rog phone 3

2.firmware 2009.98

stutters record video 4k 60fps normal mode, stutters also in pro mode 4k 60fps and 4k slow motion 4k 120fps


  • The photo app is really poorly optimized. There are indeed stutters on 4k60, for now it will be necessary to be satisfied with 4k30 while waiting for a real update on the photo / video side.

    So I recommend the port of GCam for the ROG3, both for the photo and the video, the rendering is much better!

  • This issue is already under investigation. Thanks!

  • The stuttering will get fixed in a future FOTA. Thank you for your help!

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