Things To Be Improve In Proper Way Without Bugs

Please Provide Us

1. Native Video Calling.

2. Camera 2 API Without Bugs ( Last Update Of A10 They Not Working Properly)

3. Call Recording.

4. Screen Recording.

5. Black Drak Mode Not Grey Colour DarkMode.

6. Please Change Default Screen Colour That Is More Warm We Have To Put Them In Cool. To Much Red Type Of Screen. Make Cool Screen Colour In Default.

Default Screen Colour Is More Warm Compare To Other Device.

7. We Need Manager For Hotspots Through Which We Can Block Other Users.

8. Need Good Battery Backup And Good Battery Performance.

9. Good Ram Management.

10. Good Network Speed.( Because Other Device Get More Speed Compare To Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 In Same Network Provider.)

11. Need To Improve Camera Performance.

12. VoWiFi Calling.

13. Make Stable System UI Because Each And Every Time They Crash. Due To Which Screen Stop Responding Properly.

I Already Visited Service Center They Not Found Any Hardware Issue In Device.



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