.98 has no black crush fixes?

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I read the changelog and it's absolutely disappointing. Apparently, they did some fixing but it's not focused on the most prevalent ones.



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    Just checked it in a semi dark room with brightness at 5% and could actually see the scene but looked a bit red but I'll be testing it out properly tonight when it's darker.

  • Inspite of knowing the major black crush issue, they have not included the fix for it... very very disappointing from Asus..This rog 3 will be my last product from Asus in my life time which I had mistakenly brought... poor Asus

  • I know! They had like more than a month to address the issues and i was surprised they totally ignored everything.

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    Why Asus! Instead of giving any official statement or any improvement on black crush/red tint/flickering... you have just push this .98 update (may be useless)! You may be finish once lenovo legion enter in the indian market! Do something.... :.(

  • This black scenes issue will be continously improved with future FOTA's

    Stay tunned!😉

  • Asus gonna fail in Indian market...no doubt they have the best performance products...but they also need to understand that the performance is seen on the screens....if the screen is bad then the whole performance is [email protected] Asus you need to understand and accept your faults and come up with the solutions asap..

  • Update and then see if there are any changes

    Maybe they tuned the display but didn't mention in changelog

    As I've read Gustav's comment here stating they'll tune the display in the next ota

  • I want to understand why they are deliberately pushing it late...by the time the fix comes we as consumers will end up in claiming the faulty product under warranty...I think you guys are purposely doing it and at last leave your customers pissed as is...huh

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    You guys just keep saying next ota for the fix but that OTA never gonna come soon I feel...let us know when the next ota for the black crush issue comes..so that we also wait eagerly for the fix

  • ASUS is taking users feedbacks exactly what conditions users face this black crush and than they are working on it

    Every display needs different tunnings so its hard to get fix ASAP

    This issue is improved with .98 but not yet fixed totally this will be improved more with future FOTA'S

  • 1. Black crush reduced.

    2. Battery drain when idle fixed.

    3. Slow charging not working fixed.

    4. Red tint on low brightness fixed.

    These are the forum's most prominent concerns and i had hoped that the devs were working on them since it was taking them so much time to prepare. Yet, they totally focused on the wrong things with this update. I might even consider this update as "irrelevant" as i experience none of the issues mentioned in the .98 changelog.

  • We get that the team is working non-stop to improve the firmware but how about they direct 100% of their attention first on the major problems? Especially the slow charging issue. It's been more than a month since i bought this phone and as much as i want to use slow charging, I've never been able to, not even once. I speculate the moment you guys release a fix for this, my battery would already be worn out from all those hypercharging sessions. This is an inconvenience to all those who bought the phone early as we'll be using the phone with poor, unoptimized software.

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    Slow charging doesn't work?

    You can either update to latest and check if it works or try clearing mobile manager's app data/cache

  • Update to latest and check idle drain after 2/3 charging cycles

  • Update to .98

    Its too early to coclude on firmware released just few hours ago wait for 2/3 cycles of battery n daily usage for idle drain

    For slow charging issue may be it is problem with mobile manager app try clearing cache n storage and also check with safe mode if device behaves same there it should work with latest FOTA ifnot something may have triggered you may need to factory reset as well If in any case it doesnt work

    Black crush issue is main concern yes and ASUS understands that so is the reason they started immediate responses to black crush issue and dont worry they are updating there progress continously to every thread also u must understand that each display has diffrent tunnings and every user may face this black crush with various other conditions so this process of fix is really time taking so as a user all you can do is give some time to them


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    I'm doing a factory reset with this update. Will share results later.

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    I dont think so you will get something better becoZ this update is no use!! For sure!!

  • I have realised and checked the black crush issue after updating to .98... The black crush issue and red tint has been reduced and it's better compared to previous versions after using it for one whole day...

    Though it is not mentioned in this fota update the black crush is far [email protected] Asus you are coming closer to fix it... hope you soon will release a new fota update with all permanent fixes and stability.

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    They've definitely worked on it and it is better now than before but it's still there and they would need more time to work on it to completely get rid of the issue.

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