Volte for Australian carriers (not good news)

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I received an email back from ASUS Australia regarding VoLTE for Australian carriers. Reads as follows:

"They have advised that at this stage no VoLTE scheduled for certification, we are pushing to have telco's test and approve on future phones. Until these newer devices come in and are certified, VoLTE will not be available for ROG Phone 2 and 3. Feedback has been noted and will be relooked at for future certification to see if these models can be tested, updated, and certified as well, no ETA on schedule".

This should be made know to anyone looking to purchase ROG3 in Australia. Personally I will add settings myself, but absolutely amateur of ASUS to make a flagship phone with no VoLTE support and sell it in Australia without pointing that out. Hopefully anyone thinking of purchasing an ASUS phone will search and find this.



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    They don't even need it certified anymore. (at least for Telstra)

    Seems like they just don't want to put the settings in and want to use it as a selling point for newer phones.

  • I don't know what they are saying by "certified". It's literally a few settings added to the ROM, proven to work already. Qualcomm supports it, Optus supports it, ASUS supports it, technically....just add it. Nokia about to install 4G on the moon, ASUS still not fully supporting it on Earth lmao. No wonder Samsung/iPhone are killing the market. It's an amazing device, but can't even get the phone part right. Even my last Huawei phone supported VoLTE.

  • @Gustav_ASUS @Anders where do we go from here. I am the same as the guys above absolutely loving this phone but VoLTE has been the industry standard for some time now, and I also feel that not supporting this in most countries should have been mentioned in the specifications, most people including myself just assumed this was a standard inclusion. Why can this not be added it would appear it has been fixed in some countries already ?



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    Yep over here every phone sold in a retail shop above $500 supports VoLTE and this phone is over $1600.

    Even the really cheap $99-250 ones from Coles support it.

  • What are the settings to input for this?? Or do you need to flash the different baseband to make it work??

    I have been thinking about getting the ROG3, but no volte holds me back

  • I recently got the ROG Phone 3, there are bigger issues than no VoLTE. The black crush issue is still not fixed and I have a weird auto-rotate issue where the sensor appears to go to sleep. Not acceptable for a flagship phone!

  • You can check the guides on XDA. You do need unlocked and root. So that's up to you in the end.

  • Ah.. well that sucks.. ITs a definite pass from me.. No point paying $1699 for something that isn't fully supported in Aus..

  • Yeah it’s a bummer for sure but to be honest I put my regular sim in the phone for a while and didn’t have any voice call quality issues however it sucks cause it knocks out 4g when you have a call and drops it to 3G or H+ that’s what I don’t like about not having VoLTE



  • I had the ROG2. the call quality was atrocious at the best of times.... ugh

  • I'd give it a miss if you have not purchased yet. I get the feeling they are just going to pump out phones, without ongoing support. I have started to get dust under the wide angle lens camera, didn't expect that after 2 weeks use tbh. Call quality is ok, because Australia still has a solid 3g network, but try and use the internet while on the phone.... Probably a great phone if you sit inside and play Android games all day, but real world use (it's my work phone), this phone is not going to last. The third version of a phone should have most issues sorted, however it looks like the same problems just get carried over to each new phone.

  • Yeah understandable I just use mine for gaming for me it’s too big for a daily use phone I’m picking up an iPhone 12 pro just the small one not the max when I get out of quarantine.

    cheers Adam

  • Yep.. I'm sticking with my HK imported SD865 S20 ultra for the time being. There's no point downgrading atm

  • @Anders_ASUS has there been any progress on this???????????????????

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