Dissapointed Zenfone5/5Z user base. Disrespect, must STOP!

dikordikor Level 1
edited November 2020 in ZenFone 5 Series

It is unacceptable that we still wait for a stable android 10 release.

I, as an owner of several Asus products, from tablet, phone to laptop, will no longer invest in this company that has no respect to the user base. I will no longer support disrespect from a company that in order to sell her new phones etc, has no intention to support with essential software updates already sold hardware. The excuse of ''it's an old hardware'' MUST END!

Asus and all the other tech companies that deliberately neglect for timely software updates, hasn't realized that it's them who needs us, not the other way around!


  • Their software development team needs refreshment

  • Hey @dsaikat127 ,

    to be honest, I don't think its a the software development team, is the problem. If someone has to go is the management. They are responsible making decisions for the support and the longevity of a phone.

    Really bothered by the overall behavior towards customers, and not having a stable working software for the phone.

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