Screen blackout caused by high GPU usage (Genshin Impact)

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ROG 2
  2. Firmware Version: WW_16.0631.1910.64_0
  3. Rooted or not: no
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: VERY FREQUENT
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Genshin Impact. v1.0.0_1112729_1135452 may have impact on other GPU intensive game

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Playing Genshin Impact the other day with the highest settings with 60fps.

Turned on realtime info and measured these parameter:

Device temp: <40°

Cpu usage: 20-50%

GPU usage: 70-90%

Screen black out when GPU usage reaches >70% usage. Device temperature is about 38°. To reset - lock screen and let GPU rest then unlock and resume gaming. Unplayable at highest settings.

Tried the settings on medium setting with 30fps. Once the GPU usage reaches a >70% screen will blackout within 1min.

Tried this with lowest settings with 30fps. GPU usage: 40-50% Have not experienced any blackouts using lowest settings. Have been playing with lowest settings since. Not acceptable considering rog 2 is a gaming phone.

*I am aware of the closed thread about screen blackout and the advice that we users are suppose to send the device to sc. However that issue is related to device temp: my issue is GPU usage related. So I'm opening this thread for awareness and discussion.


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    Can you please provide the profile you use in armoury crate for this game? It'll be helpful as I'm not able to get stable 60 fps at high settings

  • Can you link to the closed thread please? I would like to look more into it as someone has asked me to.

  • I did not use any game profile for this game. I used the default game profile settings. Only thing is I change in game graphics settings and this occurred.

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    Take a look at this thread

    This thread discuss on blackout caused by temperature. Somehow mine is caused by GPU. It's somewhat related I guess? Though my CPU never reaches 42° in the first place.

  • After looking at these threads and the blackout issue, it's probably not caused by temperature. After all the threads and Asus saying it's a hardware defect, it seems this is more than likely caused by power delivery rather than temperatures, people most likely mistook this for a thermal thing as both are related, more power -> higher temps.

    This is probably very similair to the Macbook 15" 2010 model where the cap simply degraded over time due to being underspecced and causing kernel panics, while everyone mistook it for a GPU failure, I assume something similair happened here on the Rog2, knowing Asus they have new revisions of the logicboards with proper specced components handling the power delivery.

    I would strongly recommend getting the phone repaired as there are no software solutions for this. If you're not under warranty, you may want to talk with Asus support and maybe they can get it replaced for free as it seems they are very aware of the issue and might give you a pass on that as it was clearly a defect made by Asus themselves.

    Now keep in mind, I'm not saying this is 100% what it is, it's just an educated guess based on all threads and statements from Asus mods.

  • While I understand the hardware failure may be a result of unqualified/degraded hardware - I still do not understand how this issue come about only after upgrading from A9 to A10. Yes i did mention that I'm running A9 however my A9 was a downgrade from A10. Downgrade due to this issue happening on A10 then persisted even after I downgrade.

    I understand and appreciate your comment. However I would love to have an official response from ASUS stating that such hardware issue could be rectified without paying a repairs premium as I have paid a costly premium for the device.


  • Well let me explain then, the upgrade from A9 to A10 obviously caused the Rog2 to use more ressources over a long period of time, a ton of users have reported their battery draining fast and the phone generally being hotter on A10. If you have insufficient power delivery but keep stressing it, the parts will degrade significantly faster. All the upgrade from A10 has done is speeding up the process where the part/s would degrade to a state where even on lower loads it would cause issues. Your test would already go in line with my theory.

    As for response, as mentioned, I think u'd be much better off contacting Asus support direcly. This is obviously an issue caused by Asus, so contacting Asus support to get a free repair is the only sensible way of getting what you want. I highly doubt writing in the forums would get you a free repair, as Mods here are more the type that listen to community complains and issues then forwards it to the technicians, the supporters are the ones that do RMA and such, at least that's how it works on borderline all manufacturers forums.

  • A10 seems like a downgrade then.. such a shame.

    Either way i think ill drop by a nearby sc to check out my device. Mine's a tencent edition and i dont live in China. Hope since the warranty on my device is still til Nov - i will not have to fork anything to get any replacements.

    Thanks btw.

  • Currently you might argue that, but given some time A10 will probably be superior to A9. I'd wait a bit until the issues have been fixed then upgrading to A10. Wish you luck with the visit at the sc, since you have warranty I doubt it will cost you anything.

  • Unfortunately my local sc won't accept Tencent edition rog 2 for repairs. Their workaround is for me to contact china support. This will be a long winded issue .. sigh.

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    This seems to be a running theme around here, everyone having the tencent version seem to have problems when it comes to support and RMA. I have the int. version of the rog3 and my RMA with an actual defect on the screen was swift and painles, while other tencent buyers have massive problems when it comes to RMA. I'm not sure why the tencent version is treated like an entirely different phone, maybe you can contact Asus support and ask them what is going on with the tencent version. It would be nice if you could keep us updated as I'm quite curious about the whole tencent support relationship.

    EDIT: on further digging, it seems that the tencent versions offer no warranty at all. Even on the new Rog3:

  • Well it maybe the case as @nightmaster552 mentioned but personally I feel that this is totally related to and is triggered when the device reaches a certain temp. Also there is no workaround for this as slowly the problem worsens. I have not completely read what nightmaster552 has written but from my personal observations I can assure you that it has nothing to do with GPU , CPU USAGE as this problem can be triggered even when device is idle ( i.e in this case for example sitting in the PUBGM lobby with no match being played) . When I say idle I am talking about placing the phone on the table in a room with no fans /Air conditioning .

    I would never face this issue even I played PUBGM 90fps + HD + Anti Aliasing in an air conditioned room . Even for hours.( Tested )

    But if it is the other way around with me chilling in the training ground/ lobby ( i.e low cpu/GPU usage ) with no fans / AC running + ambient temp being hot this issue will be triggered within 5 mins. Also it triggers at a specific temp ( which again important to note ,differs for different people/ambient temperature )

    So I strongly feel that it is related to temp.


  • For future reference, these shut down/restart/black out/freeze issues should always be handled by local support. If it's a Tencent device and you don't live in China, then you need to take it with your dealer.

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