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    I must admit, I didn't see much stutterring in the first video where you was going through the menu.

    If the animation doesn't concern you that much, you can go to Developer Mode and change the values for Windows animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator during scale to 0.5 to see if it helps.

    Apart from that suggestion, the only thing I have left to suggest is to perform factory reset and try going through the test you did with no apps installed. If it works, then when you come to install the remaining apps, be sure to make notes of what you installed so you can refer back to them if it happens again.

    Ensure you have the apps up to date from Google Play Store too.

    Enabling Developer Options

    If you don't have developer options, do the following:

    • On your phone, go to Settings - About phone - Software information
    • Tap Build number at least 5 times (it will show number of taps left as you are tapping on the screen)
    • Go back to Settings - System
    • You will now see Developer Options

  • Hello Ronald, many thanks for reviewing my case. Regarding the animation options inside the developer options, I also tried it before. Its the same result. The transitions and scrolling between menus and apps lag a bit. As you suggested I guess I will have to perform a factory reset and work my way up app by app until the lag shows up again. Look at this new video and how snappy it is after a reboot!

  • So I have performed a factory reset and unfortunately the behaviour is the same. I did 2 resets, through the software options as well as through the recovery. After a while the phone lags, it cannot keep up with its fps. Take a look at the videos ( At 90hz it should be 90 fps steady and it cannot keep up. After a reboot its all good, smooth and fast. (Please note that on both videos de fps drops a bit due to the video recorder app). Still after a reboot it keeps up on 90fps with 90hz but after a while it drops to 70's

    If you guys do not have this issue, then my phone has a hardware fault, what do you think?

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    Do you have a PC? If you do, I guess you can do a little digging to see the cause of the issue (so he thinks). The idea is to identify any processes running which are resource hungry.

    XDA has a nice guide in doing the installation:

    After performing the installation steps, type in: ./adb.exe shell top

    This will show you the usage of cpu ordered by the highest first.

    If I had the same issue, I would have helped doing this.

  • Hello Ronald,

    So I have done as per your instructions, the adb shell top (screenshot attached) and also a screenshot from an option inside Developer Options --> Monitoring --> Profile HWUI Rendering --> On screen as bars.

    I believe that everything that goes above the green bar is bad right?

    The phone at the moment I have performed this troubleshooting is lagging as usual so it was a great moment to do it.

    Also please note that the lag also goes away if I turn ON the option "Disable HW Overlays" (always use GPU for screen composing) in Developer Options --> Hardware Accelerated rendering, although the lag comes back after a few hours as usual.

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    Hmmm, everything looks normal on the adb shell command. This renders out any apps that could be clogging up the memory.

    You are on the latest firmware right (.49)?

    The only thing I have left is to clear out storage and cache on all Google Apps. This includes:

    Google Framework

    Google Play Services

    Google Services Framework

    Android System (Only cache should be available)

    Restart your device.

    If this dont work, I dont have anything else to suggest but I doubt it will since you have already done factory reset.

    By the way, does it lag badly when using another browser like Firefox?

  • Hello Ronald, its not just Chrome that lags, its the entire phone (UI) with lag. In menu transitions, in apps, in browsers, everywhere. At 90hz its not snappy at all, even worse if I put it at 60hz, sluggish, slow, lag!

    I have downgraded to android pie and performed all updates until last build A10 (.49). Will not restore any backup. Quick note: I never see this lag issue happening on android 9.

    Will only install what i really need (no funny or fancy apps, never used nothing weird anyway).

    If problem persists I will open a case with Asus a demand an equipment replacement.

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    Yep, sounds like a plan - i just don't understand why some are getting this issue and some don't.

    Do let us know on the outcome for this.

  • Hello Ronald. Out of curiosity, would you be so kind in posting your results from

    Would like to see how many fps you get at 90hz for example.

    One thing i noticed also, is that with X mode ON the phone keeps up with its fps (90hz - 90fps) and so on, i do not think this was happening before.

    Anyway, would you let me know the test please?

    Thank you

  • Thank you Ronald. As per your 1st screenshot you were also on 60+ fps on 90hz and thats exactly my point. When this happens you don't feel your phone a little bit more laggy? Transitions between apps and menus in UI slower with reflections, lag? The phone should stay on at least 89+ fps all the time with display at 90hz of course and 119+ fps with display at 120hz....and it gets these steady values for a few hours after a reboot....then it drops and then its when the phone feels a bit different...try changing to 60hz display and scroll through the menus in UI back and forth and see how laggy it is. For comparison i have also a Rog 3 and let me tell you how much better the Rog 3 is! A beast! Same tests always steady! 90+ fps or 119+ fps. Its a totally different phone and I guess with a much better optimized firmware. No lag anywhere, snappy, smooth.

    Please let me know :)

    Thank you

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    I suggest you to read on the difference between FPS and refresh rates. There are no relevance.

    "Remember that FPS is how many frames your gaming computer is producing or drawing, while the refresh rate is how many times the monitor is refreshing the image on the screen. The refresh rate (Hz) of your monitor does not affect the frame rate (FPS) your GPU will be outputting."

    Anyhow, here is a video showing 60hz scrolling on this page:

  • Hello Ronald, yes I do understand pretty well the difference between fps and refresh rate.

    The phone should keep up its fps according to the refresh rate settings of the display, only this way it can be smooth, snappy, free of reflections, lag, etc and it is exactly what the ROG 3 does. It keeps its FPS synced with the display refresh rate, at least it is suppose to do that when browsing or scrolling around the UI. Gaming is a different story.

    Regarding your video, may I ask you to do another one but not just scrolling in this webpage. Just move around the UI back and forth, open chrome, click bookmarks, close bookmarks, come back to the UI, go inside some options, come back out..etc... sorry :)

    Can you do it please? both with 60hz and 90hz please.

    Thank you :)

  • Thank you Ronald.

    Well although through video the perception is not the same, I believe that it feels pretty smooth and snappy.

    My phone unfortunately when it lags it really lags and at 60hz its horrible. Will try to post a video as soon as possible.

    What I do not understand is why the Rog 3 behaves totally different. Always keeps up its fps synced with refresh rate, its a totally different experience.

    Will try to post video from my laggy 60hz rog 2 plus a video from rog 3 at 60hz too for comparison.

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    No problem @Yuran . I am definately not playing down the issue you are having.

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    Hello Ronald, just a small treat, a video from Asus Rog 3, look at how different it is! Astonishing fast and smooth in the transitions, back and forth and the vsync tester always almost 91fps. Believe me that 90.200 is very different from 90.800. And it never drops, like your screenshot for example. You also have 65 fps at 90hz and 90 fps at 120hz and really i might sound crazy but this is not right. The phone is suppose to keep its fps synced with the refresh ratez only this way it achieves the smoothness intended. what is the difference between asus rog 2 and 3? snapdragon 855 and 865? Please not much of a difference in terms of power. Even the Oneplus 5t for example (which i own) is faster and snappier at 60hz. Maybe I am crazy but i see these differences (smoothness, reflections), UI drags, the animations drag. Asus Rog 3 is totally different for better. I already opened a case with Asus and I will go all the way to the end 😁

    I will prove my case downgrading it to A9 Pie and perform the same tests. If on Pie the behaviour is fps and refresh rate synced than it prooves not a hardware fault but a software issue ans Asus needs to fix it.

    Look at the video please from Asus ROG 3 😁

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