Asus India team is lazy af!

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: zenfone 5z
  2. Firmware Version: latest a10
  3. Rooted or not: not rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

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@Anders_ASUS its feels really sad to inform you that Asus India team is really hopeless and lazy. had they worked 25% as hard as you did, we would be really happy and satisfied customers. Till the new Zentalk came in existence older Zentalk Indian forum was a garbage bag with random advertisements posted in main posts, no replies or mostly generic replies from Indian mods. It was disheartening.

Since new zentalk has started we have hope cause you addressed all our queries politely and patiently. Bugs ate being solved. We really owe you one. Please tell your Big Boss how lazy Asus india has been. We really dont want Asus go down on same downward path as Sony or HTC in India. We want good non-chinese phones.

Share your thoughts guys. @amitgarde3


  • Issues from 2018 like touch started to address only after this new forum came into existence old forum was full of bot replies and numerous threads but no one gave a damn about flagship nor budget on india forum earlier but no worries m thankful to ASUS for bringing up this forum to existance which changed a brand reputation in hearts of users and touch problem and many other issues resolution that's became possible only because of supportive mod like you @Anders_ASUS sir and @CH_ASUS sir you both helped us alot regarding any problem we are seriously so much thankful i mean even thankyou is not worth a word its beyond....😊

    Asus india must learn support matters alot to survive in huge market like india where they have a chance to gain more reputation and they need to work hard for that

    Here in india i had word with asus service centre and sometimes asus india support team several times i remember when i own zenfone 3 guess what they dont even know zentalk forum does exist to troubleshoot asus models issues also service centre guys and support employs need to be more skillful just a feedback coz m user since zenfone 5 2015 n i own many zenfones n i have lot of experiences with asus in india here that shows how employs or support team is and that is reason asus is not to mark where it should be in india many users remain frustrated

    "I feel we forum users and moderators like you are more enthusiastic with ASUS brand than asus india employs seriously we can support much better than they do just saying😆"

    Asus india needs to improvise if they want to survive indian market and for that global asus needs to look into what is going in here we want ASUS to keep climbing instead of downfall in india here coz ASUS has much potential but local ASUS ruins every hard work done by global ASUS

    " Indian market is key to success for every brand if they are in right path "

  • I support both of you, asus "can" do but is not doing anything with the support. Asus should remember, this was the phone 5z, that boosted them up again in thr market for that matter. They should not be like this. I mean mods are very halpful, why can't the support be like that. This not lile any other midrange Chinese company or something. Tbh i had coolpad note 5 and guys damn i bought it in 2018 jan, and yesterday i revived August security patch! So u see... Midrangers are even performing much better. Vowifi, prime hd, touch issue, these are basic features or bugs that need to get resolved ASAP. We have not lost hope. But somewhere we are deep disheartened. 😢

    Pls asus.

    Pls @aamod.v8

    Pls @amitgarde3

    This is not about 27k!i dont give a damn about it. Its about the attachment... About the feeling of holding a flagship and that too from a company we know that can do stuff but only isn't trying.



  • I hope Asus India will not let down 5z users that boosted them up again in smartphone market. I hope that Asus India were started discussing with network operators. Sad to say again and again for basic features like vowifi and Prime HD support for a flagship phone that has been negleted in terms of feature updates 😓. Even if midrange phones are having these features. Sad to see that midrange phones are having more features than 5z have. Asus has been great in terms of bug fix updates for 5z but in terms of adding new features they are letting 5z way behind in comparison to their own other smartphones.

  • true, Asus India devs support is totally useless, that's the reason Asus will soon loose its market in India because Indian Asus team didn't provide enough information to Global parties, due to this we users facing problem with Indian telecom facilities like VoWIFI. @CH_ASUS sir please take strict action toward this situation, otherwise Asus will be buried as SONY and HTC soon.

  • To add to that yes the development has been quite sloppy in Asus India as opposed to the mods here who were pretty great.

    To reiterate there are actual full blown bugs that need solving,


    Prime Video HD, this problem was there with every vendor previously but all of them have solved that successfully. Zenfone 5z has the best LCD display that I have ever seen on a device so with a little effort from ASUS we can actually have an usable display to stream content.

    Touch panel issues again please fix them.

    As for feature, just try and give VoWifi, I think if ASUS and the operators talked and did this it would be great.

    Just solve these 3 for us and we'll ask for nothing else. Thanks!

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