Got September Security patch OTA. No Android 10

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I just got a OTA for September Security Patch. I think This is a sign that Android 10 update is much far than we think.


  • Asus has got worst developers.. Till now they were able able to provide only 3devices with A10 since it's self. Idk what they ate doing...

  • And 2 days back Android 11 is released and is rolling out. fml

  • Ok guys. We should be patient. I guess the team is working on it and i think this update is the last update for pie, the next one will be the Android 10. Try to analyze the update situation. Maybe the Asus developers are changing their strategy on providing us a new android version. Their last doing to provide Android pie is they are not providing a lots of beta version, instead they provide the FOTA version with lots of bugs. I think their strategy is they first provide a betas to make sure when the time they will release it on FOTA they can provide stable version for it. IF YOU KEEP ON BARKING NOT RECEIVING A MAJOR UPDATE JUST BUY GOOGLE PIXEL PHONE. (JUST SAYING)

    Note: We are still very lucky they provide as constant security patch update every month and provide 2 major updates comapred to its competitors.

  • guys how to enable the internet speed in max pro m2??

  • How much did they pay you? Name one company that took more than 6 months to deliver a stable update after a beta. Ill wait.

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