How to disable TWS+ technology and use simple TWS

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Having troubles in using Sabbat E12 Ultra

They connect as 2 different bluetooth devices (earch earbud for themself), and i have to disable and enable bluetooth in phone each time i connect earbuds, otherway only one bud is playing.

As i could find in internet it maybe TWS+ issue, because all users with another chipsets (non Snapdragon 845+), says they have only one bluetooth device and it connects both buds, as it comes as usual with most bluetooth earphones.

Is there any way to disable TWS+ technology on phone, and use simple TWS or whatever bluetooth connection?



  • forgot to say, i have tried to pair buds with Zenfone5 on SD636 and there was only one device and all work correctly.

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    Your earbuds are designed to emit 2 bluetooth signals corresponding to left of right so they can manage an efficient stereo and be able to communicate each other without having a "main" earbud and its "little brother", okay ?

    It is possible that your earbuds are not synchronized, can you proceed to the reset of your earbuds ? I don't know if there is a kind of button on the case for that purpose.

    In parallel, you should also reset the bluetooth connect on your phone by erasing both L & R earbud.

    Once it's done, can you share a picture of :

    The bluetooth page where connected devices are shown

    The litle selector in Parameters -> Sound & vibration -> Broadcast on

    Here is a similar issue, but on ZF7 with their zenear BT (french section)

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