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We are waiting for this update for months. FOR MONTHS. Where are the stable version? Asus's phones are the best ones but they SUCK AT UPDATES.


  • The problem is not in asus. The problem is with the users. I give an example when it gets a 5z update, while it gets 1k views, the zenfone 5 3k is displayed. As for the topic of updating the event, they all want it but don't mention it. See what the 5Z's 1k audience is doing for the ZenUI7? Just read and pass ours. I applaud them standing up. Asus promised 18 months of support. The arrival of the A10 will extend this period. So we'll probably stay in Beta 3 :) There won't be much more. They will end support by releasing a final A9 stable update. we will turn to new phones that are not asus brand. Sorry, Asus, I bought it.

  • Eu ainda tenho esperança de atualização 😞 ainda em setembro

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