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I want to know the estimate date for when rog 2 will recieve new fota update for global rom and also will it include any new features or any major fixes or just trash fixes like italic letter and stuff that 0.00005% of users observe??

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  • We both are on the same page Akash, we want new features to be added ( not the ones we dng even bother , just like you mentioned above) . On the other hand we both know that they are not gonna add anything new for sure and this time August update has also been skipped . So we can only hope ( hope=99 percent they will not ) add request features or really fix something we want . I heard people saying no matter what but if Asus is delaying A10 they will come with a bash , but now I know if they make us wait it's of no use that's it. I'm really happy with my device but not with the support provided despite having this forum .

  • The next FOTA will drop now in September, but as usual I can't give an exact date.

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