Touch responsive variation with respect to refresh rate on games

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So i have a rog phone 2. I have been using it for about 8 months now. I am a competitive player in pubgm. The issue is that when i enable 120 hz through armory crate the touch response is so much better even though the output is 60fps as 120 fps is not supported as of now. But when i play at 60hz through armory crate the touch response is worse compared to the previous one. So the question is does the touch sampling gets reduced when we play on 60hz refresh rate? I would love to have an option to play at 60 fps and be able to achieve the same smooth touch response which i get from 120 hz refresh rate. And of course i am telling you guys from my experience. You guys can also try using 120hz refresh rate through display option in display option through armory crate. Please enable high touch sampling rate even on 60hz refresh rate.


  • The touch sampling rate should stay at 240 Hz for all refresh rate settings (60/90/120). Are you sure you're getting worse performance when setting the refresh rate to 60 Hz in Armoury Crate?

  • Yes i am 100 percent sure about that. The touch response becomes worse when using 60 hz refresh rate. I can literally feel the diffrence as i am used to playing competitive in pubgm. Is there any way we can use 240hz touch sampling even on 60hz refresh rate? Or at least can we confirm this with developeres. Its bugging me for a couple of weeks as 120 hz refresh rate introduces battery drain and screen tearing. Please.

  • Yes @Gustav_ASUS I agree with @Sumo says

    I play mobile legend as well I can feel when I set to 120hz in crate the touch is so much good but when set to 60 the touch is just like a normal phone. I even try it with cyber hunter , pubgm as well.

  • Thank you brother. I totally agree with you. This must be solved asap. Its not a minor issue as touch response is one of the most key elements for a gaming phone.

  • @Sumo I've passed your question on and will get back to you when I know more.

  • @Sumo I can confirm that the touch sampling rate is the same for all refresh rate settings (69/90/120). I'm not doubting you're feeling something real, but it probably comes down to higher refresh rates drawing frames faster. This will be noticeable if your FPS fluctuates.

  • Okay so the game is capped at 60fps but it will draw frame rates faster on 120hz refresh rate? That is interesting. Anyways thanks for the concern.

  • @Sumo No, the display will show a new frame every 1/120 of a second is what I'm saying.

  • Here is the touch sampling rate between 60hz and 120hz I can. Guaranteed the touch is much more better in 120hz it nearly double the sampling rate ms. Attached pic I can feel even in every game when I set it to 120 in crate display option. The feeling is really different.

  • @Dkz89 I've forwarded your findings (and tried it out myself with similar results), but there's something fishy going on - seeing that the touch sampling rate is 270 Hz. Thanks for the follow-up.

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