Fake model. : build number 14.02.1809.70

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Hello .

I am from Iran .

I have a model of phone

ZenFone Max Plus (M1)

build number 14.02.1809.70

Serial Number : C4ATA000000

I bought. But the serial number is fake.

Why didn't Asus announce this?


  • Hi Fasele

    Thank you for your asking. Did you purchase the device from authorized reseller with first hand? Please let me know for further checking.

  • thanks for your response .

    Yes . I bought the device as a package from an Iranian representative.

    But it is not updated and its serial number is not registered.

    They say the model was made in China without registration with the original Asus

  • Hi Fasele

    Thank you for your reply. Each official ASUS product has it's own Serial Number. The device does not have the official ASUS Serial Number, indicating that the device is not our product. I suggest you to return your device to the Iranian representative for a refund. If you have any further question, please provide me your invoice and the name of the Iranian representative for further checking.

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