3 requests for Android 11

Mr.DogeMr.Doge Level 1
edited October 2020 in ZenFone 6

With the launch of the beta program for Android 11, I would like to ask for 3 things that would improve my experience the most :

1: Having the battery care options from the ROG phone 3 : limiting charge to 80% and 10 watts, because I want this battery to live as long as possible.

2: keep the navigation gestures with 3 zones at the bottom. This system makes way more sense than the new android navigation that has compatibility issues.

3: A major camera improvement : this camera really lacks sharpness, photos only look good on small screens because they look like 5mp shots, and 48mp mode is barely better. Also photos are always too cold, orange looks like pink and sunset skies look like normal skies. Please take example on Gcam that uses the full potential of the hardware.

Thank you very much if you work on this for Android 11.


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