Touchscreen/ Air trigger 3 issue

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Been using the airtriggers for shooting and aiming in pubg gameplay only. After a while of use.. the Left Air trigger seem to get activated even when touching any other part of the screen( inside game and even when I have quit the game). I have kept airtriggers disabled in the main settings. I have to restart the phone to fix it. Its brand new Rog phone 3. Bought 2 days back. Issue from day 1. Please help.

I have attached a video where I have checked the touch screen response using "touch screen test" app. The dot appears exactly where I had set my Left air trigger in pubg through game genie.

  1. Version: 8gb RAM 128gb 865+ (sold in India)
  2. Firmware: Android 10(up-to-date), not rooted
  3. Have encountered 4-5 times( 2 days of use)


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    Started having similar issue with the Right trigger too now. I have requested a return from the seller (through Flipkart).

  • This is quite ridiculous. There's been tons of people asking for help about the triggers for 10+ months now even from ROG2.

    The issue is clearly software if the ROG3 has the same issue as the thread above. Either that or the manufacturing is flawed.

    The mods here have been collecting data through logging apps but haven't posted any updates regarding the issue. Like even if there wasn't any fixes yet, at least let us know guys... Come on....

    I'm about to purchase the xiaomi black shark pro 3 at this point. I mentioned it before but this time pretty solid on my decision. Tactile physical buttons would probably have less issues than this air trigger non sense. Considering the fact that it was an amazing feature when it worked, I'm really disappointed ASUS!!! :(

  • Hi @kangkan,

    Sorry to hear this, having a check.

  • Hey @ARP_ASUS

    Gustav_ASUS was helping me a couple of months back, I turned in my log files along with a recording of my screen plus a batch of photos of my ROG 2's exterior. Could you by any chance look into if there's been any word on what happened since?

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    I am now in the return process. If someone has a solution for the trigger issue or any future assurance that it's just a software issue that can be fixed by updates and not a faulty hardware, I don't mind sticking with it as the phone was solid otherwise.

  • The technician who comes to check for return request gave it a reset and asked me to check if that fixes the issue. I have been playing extensively pubg since he left. I will update if the issue comes back or not.. been more than an hour of gameplay now and i haven't faced any. Keeping my hopes high.

  • Update: Day 2 since the phone was reset: not facing anymore issue. So it seems a simple RESET had fixed the trigger problem( I don't know why I had not thought about doing it myself in the very beginning eh! )

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    I am also facing issue regarding touch but on mine case my touch wont work while pressing fire button like multi touch wont work when i press other side of screen my fire but wont work near left left side trigger

  • @shreepatsitap1 I will suggest you reset your phone first.. as it resolved my touch problems too.

  • Update Day 5: issue isn't fixed. Occured once. I noticed when it happened this time the phone was bit hot(43-44c). Sadly my return window has closed and so I have to stick to this problem for the rest of my Rog life. :(

  • it kept happening on my ROG phone 2 as well. Sometimes it would go away, a few days later it'd come back... I'm not even sure if @Gustav_ASUS or @ARP_ASUS ever got my logs. I doubt the issue is hardware, I really really doubt it...

    I hope ASUS gets this sorted out.

  • I have done that also but the issue is persist even after factory reset

  • @kangkan I'm sending you instructions via PM on how to log your device.

    @Kaimer It has not been forgotten and I hope I can share some more information on the topic soon.

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