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  • Hallo asus we need ur officially statement about this issues...I just used it about 1 month and I buy it from officially asus store and I don't root it.

  • KaimerKaimer Level 1

    hey, im new here and am another unfortunate victim of the flickering airtrigger.

    in my case it is definitely the left trigger and it flickers horribly as the phone behind to heat up. After the thermals hit 40 degrees the trigger just stops working all together.

    I've tried flashing an older OS, newest OS, factory resetting to no avail. Its always there left trigger and only when the device is hot.

    There's got to be a workaround for this as the phone is perfectly fine when it's cool. ASUS PLEASE HELP!!

  • Another issue with Air Triggers while playing PubG after the new update. As soon as the match starts, the air triggers stop working and then I have to restart the game again.

    Also, when pubg is minimised, it restarts the entire game again. Can you please help as this is causing a lot of problem?

  • Please check ur auto start manager option from mobile manager if pubg mobile is toggled on/off there

    If its off turn it on and check if ur minimising doesn't restarts the game again


  • m8m9a0m8m9a0 Level 1

    • Same problem here, right trigger Is not working properly, left One Is perfect. Hope Asus Will solve this soon, this Is getting me really sad..
    • I used the phone less than one month
  • KaimerKaimer Level 1

    I feel ASUS is ignoring this thread because they have the new rog phone 3 coming down the line.

    I would have been getting the new rog phone but seeing as they don't seem to care enough, I might switch to the shark thingy 3 with the physical triggers

  • @m8m9a0 @Kaimer I've sent you guys a PM with instructions for how to log your devices. (Envelope icon in the top right corner.)

  • My right air trigger not working.

    Like a minute into a PUBG game it was working fine but after that slowly right trigger stops responding. I have to stop playing and leave my phone ideal for the next 3-4 hrs for the air trigger to work again and see it stops working after a minute into the game..

    I'm so frustrated because of this. Air trigger is one of the main reason I bought this phone.

    Please help to fix this.

  • I have same problem too

    My update version is 17.0240.2004.9

    I dont have any service in my country(iran)

    I hope give me update for this problem

  • I'm having the trigger problem. With my left trigger it flickers alot and the whole button doesn't work only on the inner corner it works. It's now July and still I've received no update for my phone. I bought phone purely for gaming. My previous was and still is working fine. I'm starting to regret my purchase.

  • @mmchaoukz Can you help me out with a device log so we can investigate this issue further? I'm sending you instructions via PM.

  • yosef019yosef019 Level 2
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    send me instruction also i have problem with right trigger at middle its have flicker only if i apply force


  • imkara92imkara92 Level 1
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    Same air trigger issue for me, too. Left air trigger works well but the right one flickers. To emphasize the problem, for example when you play pubg and in the middle of the conflict, you press and hold air trigger to fire the automatic weapon but it starts flickering and auto fire mode turns into the burst or single alike mode because of flickering. And that problem gets you killed for sure :) It suddenly started just a few days ago. I formatted the phone but the problem is still active. I cleared the surface of the buttons, tried sensitivity booster etc... Nothing works... It makes me extremely annoying because i've been using it for 7 months in FPS games. And because of that i used to it, it's a big problem for me... I hope there is a solution, because lots of people are suffering from this annoying problem. Please let me know if any of you guys finds a solution.

    Edit: I added the video recording of the problem. as you can see in the video, the left air trigger is completely fine when i move my fingers on the surface. But the right one flickers all the time. And the result is the same if i hold my fingers on the right air trigger instead of moving on it. After a while it starts flickering in all the situations.

  • Are you using the left trigger to fire too? Cuz i am and its happening on the left side while the right works just alright

  • Have you got any solution.... Coz i am also a victim

  • KaimerKaimer Level 1

    I use the left trigger to aim down sight like I do on my PS4. I can't ADS now because the trigger keeps flickering like crazy. I sent my log and screen recording to @Gustav_ASUS a little less than a week ago.

    I'm waiting on a reply at the moment.

    If there's no fix for the issue, I think I'll have to find a different gaming phone to move on to, how can we game with unreliable "triggers" of all buttons!! 😭

  • and i have the same exact problem on the left airtrigger and ofcourse no soluation from the developers. formatting didnt help, my KD dropped because of this JOKE I was planning to get the ROG 3 but now i think i am switching to another mobile because of the bad battery issue and the Airtriggers. SMH

  • i got the Rog 3 and i am having issues with the air triggers too. Have posted the grievance in the Rog 3 section

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