Battery capacity rapidly degrading

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I activated my ZS630KL-S855-8G256G on 11/24/2019. As of 8/09/2020 my battery capacity is at 83%. I never charge overnight and always immediately unplug after hitting 100%. I've heard about others experiencing the same issue. Is this normal for all rog phone 2? What are my options? Is anybody able to offer any advice or info? Thanks in advance



  • Accubattery app. Before anyone trys saying it's not accurate, blah blah blah it been accurate within a percentage or two with my other 2 phones.

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    Not just accubattery. I can see and feel the difference that the battery has degraded so much in so less time. It doesn't feel like a 6000 mah one and I don't think it's software. The battery just drains faster now. And I've done everything, reset, downgrade, update. The hardware seems to not be durable enough.

  • I know for a fact that the battery shouldn't be degrading this quickly. If you go under phone info<hardware info you'll see battery version. Is it the same as mine? Wondering if they had a bad batch that MIGHT be covered under warranty

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    I don't think battery version has anything to do with the batch it has been produces in. I have the same version and I mostly charge to 80% and I have like 8+ hrs of screen time until 2 or 3 % as I mostly use it on 60hz.

  • Yep, the AccuBattery discussion has been made a lot of times here but few think that its just inaccurate while my 3 other phones having AccuBattery have accurate readings which can be felt with the battery performance they provide.

    I'm pretty sure ROG2 batteries are degrading faster than they should.

    Leave the AccuBattery aside I can feel it in the backup I'm getting.

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    It's still decent but nowhere near what it was for maybe about first 6 months of the usage. I got about 7 hrs sot from 90%-15% without any gaming. Netflix YouTube and Instagram and WhatsApp. It's good but not 6000 mah. 60hz for 2 hrs and 5 hrs 120hz btw.

  • Wondering if anyone has had a battery replacement done at a 3rd party shop or done it themselves. I initially was worried about the quality of a 3rd party battery but seeing as the official asus rog 2 battery is pretty crappy to begin with I would think a 3rd party one couldn't be any worse. Hopefully better

  • Apparently my battery is at 83%, but I do use it a lot and charge it a lot.

  • This seems a common thing lately people on XDA saying the same thing and just the other day I was just talking about the same problem I thought it was just me, used iPhones and they degrade about 1% for me in about the same timeframe as this one I can't really say how much mines gone down but I always do the 80% charge thing to keep all my phone's healthy but yeah I have noticed I don't get as much SOT and I've owned the rog for about 6 months now, could be a software optimization thing too??

  • My estimated capacity falls to 4497mAh. And battery health is at 75%. Rog devices software and hardware sucks.

  • If you often stop charging at 80% it will be harder for Accubattery to give a good estimation and even when it gets several charge cycles from 0-100% it as shown to be inaccurate with several of my phones which are of different brands. You must not forget that accubattery uses software to estimate the battery health. If there is a draining issue with your phone then it's less likely that the reading will be accurate.

    For those who claim that they have factory reset their phone without any improvement, I say contact ASUS support. Our phones are not immune to bad batteries. It's possible that you had bad luck and got a bad one and if this is the case and you still have warranty then everything will sort out. But most users who experience battery drain or believe that they have bad battery will be able to fix their problem by doing a factory reset. Most of the time it might be enough to refuse all apps from auto restarting, force closing them and then restart the phone.

  • I still don't understand, how charging your battery to 80% will help increase in battery health?

  • Alright I'll give this a try. Obviously sending it out is the last resort. I assume once I do a factory reset I would just install apps one by one? Instead of from a backup?

  • Lipo batteries are at best keeping between 80% and the lowest at 20% there's plenty of results on Google confirming that the cycles are best at this level and can prolong battery health but I never use accubattery I can just see a difference in lifetime since owning the phone but again I think this could just be software as I noticed my score went up on geekbench too which I was happy about so it could just be using a little more for performance, I could be wrong but I don't think it's that big of a deal it's maybe only shaving off an extra 5-10% a day

  • I forgot where I read the same information. Li batteries are most comfortable between the 20% - 80% range.

    My previous phone was Oneplus 6. Before owning Oneplus 6, I always kept phone plugged in most of the day so battery is almost always above 80%. And every phone's battery started to degrade rapidly after 1 year...I thought this was normal. But by the one year mark, I usually pass the phone to someone else so this did not matter to me much.

    Then, I bought Oneplus 6 and read the 20-80% range information. So, for Oneplus 6, I mostly kept it around that range. I used Oneplus 6 for 2 years and battery degradation was MUCH less than all the other phones before it. I was planning to keep using it but I dropped it one night and its screen broke.

    Because I need a phone urgently and did not have a backup phone, I purchased ROG 2, which I have been interested for a long time but the price was a bit too high for me, especially when the Oneplus 6 was still working well. Anyway, in the end, I bought ROG 2 despite the high price...was going to wait for ROG 3 but the lack of earphone jack turned me off.

    In summary, keep your batter between the 20% - 80% range most of the time. It REALLY does make a difference!

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    Does the latest update fix the battery issue?

  • Please provide us with the Rog 3 feature where we could set the charge limit to 80 percent and charge power to 10W

    @Anders_ASUS @ARP_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS

  • It might be a bug. you need to see the battery consumption in settings. delete the high battery usage app. if the problem still continues then you may need to reset your phone.

    thank you.

  • Here is the thing, I am using my battery to 100% without overcharging it. May be after 1 year or 1 and 1/2 half year, my battery capacity will degrade to 80%. However, your battery capacity is 80% from day 1 as you are charging your battery to 80% only. That means your battery is already degraded by yourself. Then what is the use of 6000Mah battery if you are using it like 4800Mah battery.

    If I am getting 9 hours of SOT from day 1, you will be getting 7 hours of SOT. After 1 year may be I will be getting 7 hours of SOT AND you will be getting 6.5 hours of SOT.


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