Rog 2 metal frame Asus cheating people

asaniket03asaniket03 Level 2
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

Wht the f... they said metal frame but without hitting or nothing done by me still my phone's metal frame damage.

And wht a great rply I'm get from Asus side wow pls Stop and give me a solution

I'm seeing this is the first mobile who is metal from giving cutting damage small small cuts irrigation while using device.

And I visited Asus service center that guy say tht its not cover in warrenty it's happened because of rough use thn I asked tht guy u said it's buy rough use then there is no other damage in my device thn how can u say tht by rough use the he jst keep quiet 😕

I'm just feeling like get cheated by Asus 😡😡😡


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