Zenfone 5 ZE620KL - Bricked -> No USB-debugging, No recovery, No ROM, No unlocked bootloader, No ADB

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I don’t know how I got into this mess. Here is the situation:

All I have access to is “fastboot mode”. I can see serial number from powershell when I use command “fastboot devices”.

I do not have access to:

  • Recovery (stock or custom)
  • ADB
  • Developer options or any OS (to enable USB-debugging, it is disabled)
  • An unlocked bootloader. (tried to unlock it but failed, I guess it requires the unlocking app or adb access (which requires enabled USB-debugging)

When I try to boot recovery.img or anything else with fastboot commands on powershell, it fails.

I can provide you with any further information if needed. Can someone help me out? I just want my phone back, I promise I won’t mess with it again😅

Thanks in advance...


  • RickkkRickkk Level 1

    Have you tired to flash signed boot and recovery img with fastboot?

  • qotsa73qotsa73 Level 1
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    I’m a noob when it comes to these topics, but when browsing through internet to find solutions, I saw that signed imgs actually can work in a situation like that

    I have not tried flashing signed imgs, I couldnt find those files, could you help me with finding them?

    All I’m looking for is having a phone with stock rom and stock recovery (if better TWRP or CWM would be ok too) back again, so related versions of those files (or at least guidance for where to find them) (and if possible a brief decription of what I should do with them (I know the basics) step by step ) would be great...

    Thank you so much, waiting for your answer though. Have a good day...

  • RickkkRickkk Level 1

    Which firmware version were you using?

    If you send me your email address I can send you those signed images.

    Or I can explain how to get them, but it takes a little time if you've never done it before.

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    I couldnt figure out how to send private message, so here is the e-mail address.

    I dont know what the firmware exactly was, but I was using WW (from europe) Android 10 when phone got into a bootloop, and then when I tried to save it, everything got messed up, the ROM and the recovery got deleted, so I need both now.

    I have been using the WW Android 9 Pie for a long while with all the latest updates, and then I downloaded the stock ROM for Android 10 from the Asus website and upgraded the phone.

    So, if you think its stable, and its ok to use Android 10, its ok with me as well, otherwise you can pick the most suitable one. As for the recovery, you can also pick the suitable one.

    Hope I could provide enough information about the situtation, let me know if you need more. Thanks again. Awaiting your reply...

  • qotsa73qotsa73 Level 1

    Lol, I thought the message I have typed was not sent, so I furiously re-typed it and here it is now 😂

  • RickkkRickkk Level 1
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    Thanks for both messages :-)

    I've sent you an email, you might want to edit and remove your address from here now so you don't get added to loads of junk mail lists.

    I've not been able to use my phone either on Android Pie or 10, as I can't unlock the bootloader and root it, so sadly I can't comment on performance. Although my old trusted HTC runs smoother on Android 10, so I would hope this is the case with Asus.

  • Hi Rickkk

    I just deleted qotsa73's email address and the double submit message. Besides, qotsa73, are you not able to access the Recovery Mode? Please try the following steps to access recovery mode for the Factory Reset:

    0. Try to back up your data with USB cable

    1. Power off the phone, then keep pressing "volume down key"

    2. Press "power key" and stop press " power key" once you feel the vibration. Still keep pressing "volume down key".

    3. Stop press "volume down key" once you enter [Android Recovery] Screen

    4. Choose "Wipe data/factory reset">"Yes"

    5. "Reboot system now"

    #Hardware Reset Guide


    Please note that once the steps are completed, all data, apps, settings and personal information will be deleted.

    Furthermore, as Rick said, the unlock tool issue is now under investigation. Kindly refer to the link below for the latest information.

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