When will ROG phone 1 get Android 10 update ?

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It's been long time since the ASUS ROG phone 1 received it's security patch update. Also it didn't get any android 10 update. When will it receive Android 10


  • I think the current consensus is sometime after the sun enters it's red giant phase and swallows the earth.

  • When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

  • Perhaps at the end of 2020, maybe it will be like 9 it came out at the end of 2019.

  • No, this phone is dead. Don't expect anything from Asus

  • Hi there, we understand the emotions of our users, our team is working towards giving Asus users a better experience with their devices and will continue to do the same. We request you to understand the process and stay tuned to our Official channels in the meantime.

  • Please give us a certainty. Will this phone be upgraded to Android 10 or not? Where is your guarantee for 2 major updates?

  • Hi, I want to ask mods for some "behind the scenes" information about Android 10 update for ROG Phone 1. How far that update is, or will it evan come? Do you have as a mods some competence to speed up release update, or can you force Asus to give us an opinion about the situation around Android 10 for ROG Phone 1? And can we help you in this as a community?

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