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Help me guys. Im playing PUBG from my ROG phone II. My PUBG keeps on disconnecting in the middle of the game which really annoys me. I have more than enough mobile data to run that game. Everytime i launch the pubg app my network suddenly changed from 4G+ to H. Then when i exit the game, my network returns to 4G again like normal. This happens with PUBG only. I do not encounter this sort of problem with another apps. Only PUBG. Keeps on disconnecting me when i launch it/or even in the middle of the game.


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    Can you go to Settings - System - Reset Options and perform Reset, mobile & Bluetooth.

    If you're using high quality graphics and high frame rate in PUBG, I would recommend turning these into lower settings and see if it makes a difference.

  • Thanks but it doesnt work man. Im not even using max settings for graphic, 60hz refresh rate. With the built in spec of this phone capable of doing much more than my standard setting, it should be easy running the game at min settings. I play CSR 2 with max setting doesnt have any issue regarding network connection. Pubg somehow keeps on disconnected. I dont have any issue with this on my previous phone. The network is totally fine, theres something wrong somewhere with this rog phone. It switches network to H instead of 4G when i launch it, but when i close it went to 4G again. Fek

  • Thats your network provider issue..

    Things u can do here :-

    In dialer dial #*#4636#*# , which will open up a window ..

    There u need to select LTE only to avoid that network switching..

    Second thing u can additionally do here is restrict background sync in armoury crate for Pubgm

    Do note ping on mobile data is not stable , so its always recommended to get a wifi connection instead i have 50Mbps wifi connection and my ping never goes above of 50ms

  • Thanks man but the code you gave is invalid. Ive tried it, it says invalid MMI code. Like i said before bro my network is completely fine. Ive play pubg on my samsung device with my mobile network and runs completely normal, no network switching or whatsoever. Only rog phone does that.

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