New Update Came Still No VoWifi

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ZS620KL_
  2. Firmware Version: WW_100.10.107.87_20200520
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: System Update
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Respected DEVS / Mods ,

Still Need More Time To Test VoWifi .. I Am Right @amitgarde3 @Averan 😂



  • Please dont spam here there are lots of other threads to find answer for your question you can go through them i think i dont need to explain here same thing repeatedly keep awaited it will be released when it has to be by operators

    Thanks! 😊

  • I Didn't Find Spam Here , Please Point Me Where I Did .. Past Several Months You Guys Saying Wait VoWifi Wait Wait .. Next Update Sure They Add , Please Thread How Many Times You Guys Told Us Next Update Next Update .. 🤣

  • I think i clearly mentioned its upto operators and never said next update next update

    Something is wrong with your english understandings i guess 😅

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    OK No More Asking From You Guys , Anyway Thanks For Reply .. Always You Guys blame others ..

    Yes , My English Understanding Very Very Poor In This ASUS ZenTalk. 😂

    As You Said I Will Wait " its upto operators " Support For VoWifi . I Will Use VoWifi POCO X2 ☺️. I Will Wait Wait Wait .. Thats You Want .. Thank You Bye @amitgarde3

  • Sorry mate dint mean to hurt you 😔 but only thing i can say is waiting is only option until n unless operators add 5z in there list of vowifi

    5z may or may not get vowifi 50-50 chances

    So stay tuned 🤞

  • vkk178vkk178 Level 2

    Too bad Asus has yet released vowifi update for 5z . VOWIFI & ARCORE are 2 features which have been requested countless times since the last one year . If this is the approach its certainly not a good sign for the upcoming 7Z . Shows how much Asus cares .

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5
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    Mods have already clarified that arcore won't be coming and vowifi is upto carriers so there's a 50/50 chance

    To be honest most of us don't care about arcore (I've used it once on my mom's phone it's nothing ground breaking you'll easily get bored plus it doesn't have any usability in day to day usage)

    Vowifi I understand that it can be handy to people with low network reception but personally that's not in my priority list

    And future phones will have both out of the box (Zenfone 6 has both of them)

    I'm quite content with the latest update as it solved UI jitters (UI is 60 fps now) feels smooth to type,use q gestures

    And there's no major bug right now (I guess the auto rotation bug has been solved as It works fine for me)

    Considering that Asus is still updating our 2yr old devices bimonthly is nice

    OnePlus 6 is still stuck on may security patch with a buggy oxygen os

    Zen ui 6 is well optimised rn and is a perfect mix between stock and features

  • vkk178vkk178 Level 2

    Don't quite agree . VOWIFI requires system level support besides carrier support . If it had been enabled at the time of launch , carriers would have added support like they added for some of the cheaper zenfone models . And ARCORE is set of libraries that need to be added . People have rooted their device & added it . Poco had added ARCORE months after initial launch . Not sure what's the hassle 🤔🤔 ??

  • ammzulammzul Level 2
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    @amitgarde3 @Anders_ASUS@Averan @ARP_ASUS

    To make things clear and easier...regarding VoWIFI

    1. As an AZF-5Z user, should I write to my operator for the VoWIFI support or should I write to the Asus Tech Team for the support?
    2. As an AZF-5Z user, for better understanding, is it for Asus to work with the operator and come up with solution or is it for the user to coordinate with operator and Asus to push for the solution?

    I'm really confused...Regarding VoWIFI, we have the following #

    1. It's about 7+ months since launch of the service by operators (Jio & Airtel)
    2. Asus has already released VoWIFI for existing handsets through software update (M1, M2).
    3. Not sure of ROG II & 6Z since operator pages do not list these handsets as VOWIFI supported, but multiple forums / threads talk about this being supported.
    4. Asus tech team has been maintaining one of the following # a. "Operator has to enable it" b. "we will let you know" c. we are working on it" - Why is it that we do not have a date? We could have accepted no date, may be in March 2020, but not by July 2020 end.

    So, can someone kindly brief the above points so as to answer this directly and conclude in a manner, which directly answers the question?

    Thanking you in anticipation.

  • Auto rotation bug is still remaining. After the update auto rotation worked very well for some time but then again it's a hit & miss for sensor. Sometimes works, sometimes takes about 5 sec, sometimes 30 secs. So it's still same as last patch

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    Well, this is true..... Look... My dad had a samsung a5 2016 model.... I still remember, when I first booted the phone, I saw the "wifi calling" option in the status bar. U see,... I'm talking here about a 2016 handset vowifi alone came 6 months this is completly true that vowifi requires system level implementation and not support from carriers..... Once vowifi is enabled then operators can add their service to the handset which has "enabled" vowifi. I got a friend in Airtel ltd. He tells this.... and he works in implementing vowifi only. So pls,kindly keep aside all these things that the carrier has to enable and stuff like that.... Will carrier give an update for our phones? If the handset alone is lacking a functionality where and how can the carriers enable that. Pls add vowifi guys. If vowifi option would have been present in our system settings then we could have blamed the carriers. Remember volte? First volte option was enabled and then after 2 months we got airtel volte showing up on our network bars.

    Pls help!!!

    Do something asus...!

    Check out this.... 👇🏻

    See??? 1st update to latest software? Where is it written that we will enable it on our end???

  • 1947msr1947msr Level 2

    Asus brand is not listed on airtel website for volte and for vowifi compatible handset, you have to put your airtel sim in other phone to activate volte, ots Asus failt, lazy developers of asus didn't cordinate with airtel neither for volte nor vowifi

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5
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    What are you talking about?

    I have airtel and volte works fine

  • vkk178vkk178 Level 2

    Like they enabled VOLTE Asus tech team needs to wake up and need to enable VOWIFI instead to shifting blame on operators

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    No Problem With Airtel VoLTE I Am Using From The Beginning @1947msr . Waiting For VoWiFi 😔

    Asus Zenfone 5Z Users 🤣

  • 1947msr1947msr Level 2

    I am not saying 5z doesn't have volte, but not mentioned on airtel website for volte support

  • 1947msr1947msr Level 2

    And if you put new airtel sim in 5z then you will never get volte, you have to activate volte to put in another phone which is listed on airtel website

  • vkk178vkk178 Level 2
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    Looks like Asus is not working with operators to enlist their device .. None of ASUS devices are listed as having VOLTE or VOWIFI support on Airtel .Some unknown brands like Techno are listed as having support ..Wake up Asus if you want to stay in the race ⏰⏰⏰

  • AbhinavAbhinav Level 3

    On July 2018 I had inserted Airtel sim and I had got VoLTE without any problem. My circle has Airtel VoLTE since June 2018.

    And on 2nd week of August 2018 one of my friend has got new Airtel Sim at first I tried and inserted the Sim and boom on first kick VoLTE came to my device. So it depends upon area and circle too.

    Now don't say 5z didn't had support for Airtel VoLTE on 2018 blah blah blah. It is there since it's inception. One more thing Jio works absolutely and happily fine with 5z. I don't face a single issue with Jio in 5z.

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