Rog 2 screen blackout

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My screen just goes off while playing pubg, I can hear the background sound but screen turns black.

Help me out!!!!


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    Your phone has a hardware defect, I went through the same exact thing. Please see my post, and you will understand why your best bet is to file a claim rather than send it in to repair.

    Consider these two paths:

    1) You decide to send in your phone for repair. You will send it and you won't hear anything back for 2-3 weeks. When you do, you will wake up to an email at 6AM that basically says the issue is your fault and you have to pay $300-$500 to fix. Whether or not you decide to pay, you won't get your phone back for another 2 weeks.

    Nothing was accomplished here except either a month and a half of your time wasted, OR a month and a half of your time wasted PLUS $300-$500 less in your bank (that you shouldn't have even paid)

    2) File a claim with your bank, explain to them that based on MANY forum posts, this company does not honor it's warranty, and there is no reason for you to send in the phone. File a claim with your bank so that they can refund you your money, and use that money to purchase a much better phone from a different company (I recommend the OnePlus Pro 8 over the ROG II, and I've had three ROGs....). You will get your money back instantly, and depending on where you buy your phone, you could buy a new phone within the same day or purchase from online, and you will be set within a week.

    Hope this helps, good luck!

  • I am also facing the same issue along with the so many users.

    Believe me I have tried factor reset thrice, downgraded to all the stable version of A10 and reverted back to A9.

    There is no help at all, it will restart or black screen whenever I play games or do heavy thing. But it's only happening if I use phone while charging.

    It's so frustrating I can't even use the wtsapp.

    Like zenfone6 update.167, Rog2 A10 update triggered malfunctioning of the motherboard I believe.

    Take your device service center.

    I have to do tht also once I reach my home country India.

  • This is a motherboard issue and under warranty unless there is visible damage to the phone or that we see that it has been exposed to water when we open it up. Please contact your service center for repair.

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