New update 17.0240.2007.27 , one of the worst updates ever, Don't update your phones!!

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This update is the worst update ever. My phone is hot like a toaster. I can't even hold my phone for more than a minute since the update. The heat coming out of the phone is unbearable. Please fix it.

Don't update your phones guys. Don't.



  • I have no issues at all. Everything working fine. Need more time to give feedback.

  • Anyone know why become like this?

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    exactly the same is happening to me also.. Just went to update to the latest FOTA, which is indeed getting detected by the device FOTA Service but whenever I am hitting the "Update" button, its showing that error pop up and update is not getting downloaded.

    Whats happening with this latest FOTA push?

    My screenshot is also attached here in...

    P.S. : After facing the issue, I have already cleared the cache and the data of the FOTA SERVICE system app and restarted the device but the issue is still happening.

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    I have the same issue on my ROG Phone 2.

  • what I am suspecting, Asus must have taken down the file from its server due to known bugs they discovered just after pushing the version over the Air. Thats why its getting detected in the system update but not getting downloaded since the file has been removed from the server.

    but still, Asus must come up with an official statement regarding the same.

  • Each update for Android 10 has felt the same to me.

    Only thing that is annoying to me. Is they took away my ability to make games run at higher frame rates than it's designed for.

  • Download the full fw from below link :

    Copy and paste the above link in address bar just remove '()' . Place the file in root folder and restart the file should get detected and proceed

  • since there is a problem with the update, we should wait for a fix from Asus and go for only FOTA update instead of manually updating to the .27 version. They have taken down the FOTA file because there's must be some issues which they detected, thats why they took it down.

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    Everything is fine in my device, no issues at all.

  • @cvlada @iqbalksah Try clearing the storage & cache of the FOTAService system app, then try again. If that doesn't work, please send me your device serial number and IMEI numbers in a PM.

  • @la10sooony8002 What's the reported system temp in Armoury Crate? Is the phone heating up just by being in idle? Have you rebooted the phone since updating?

  • I have try so many time already, I clear FOTa storage and cache then i restart my phone. Still cant. Then I try another method which is I just clear data and cache without restart my phone. Also still cant. Both i try still cannot. What should i do next?

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    @iqbalksah You can wait for the update to be uploaded to our support page, then install it manually from there.

    In the meantime, can you please send me your device serial number and IEMI numbers over PM?

    You'll find them by going to Settings -> System -> About phone -> Status

  • @Gustav_ASUS , i got a reply from ASUS support earlier saying if clearing FOTAService doesn't work, i can backup data and reset my phone to factory default.

    This is time consuming and not convenient. Should there be a fix by ASUS for this? Should we wait for further clarification from ASUS on this?

  • exactly!!

    why should we perform hard reset for an issue like this? performing a hard reset is a time long process. If performing hard reset is the solution then I must say they are ruining the User Experiences. This is very bad. You can't opt for hard reset every now and then. Fix it from your side Asus, its not our fault that the system update is getting failed. We did what we could as per our capabilities by clearing the cache and data of the FOTAService system app, but providing further support by saying to perform hard reset after taking full backup, that is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.

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    I got the update through FOTA fine and the only difference between my phone and your phone (which doesn't work) probably have some settings which may be preventing it. ASUS are not saying to restore to factory settings just to get you guys upgraded, it's to get an idea of where the problem lies.

    If you also think about it, how can ASUS push updated firmware if you're having problems with FOTA and you don't want to update manually. The phone will not magically just update itself overnight if nothing or no investigation is being done about it.

    The other thing is, does your back cover of the phone say "Tencent" anywhere as there is incompatibility between those phones and the WW firmware.

  • Thanks for your explaination. Back of my phone Republic of Gamers. WW set. I just brought last month

  • FYI, performing a hard reset doesn't let Asus know where the problem is happening. Its just a general method by which most of the time, other issues usually get fixed.

    I know how Asus works on issues like these.

    To know the issue better, Asus asks users to provide System Log files which only actually provides all the detailed information on any issues happening on that device.

    And I know the difference between the Tencent version and the Global WW variant. A FOTA is SKU specific service which gets pushed to the right SKU devices in batches and therefore no clash among different SKUs happen. I have applied 3 FOTAs till date since I bought this phone and there was no such issues happened until with this .27 version.

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    Great that you got the previous updates through FOTA so it says something that the updates is working. Like I said, I got the updates through fine and the only difference between you and myself is the settings we set. FOTA pushed the incremental images for me and not the full, so if your update file was around less than 200MB and it failed, I would try the full image which is around 2.2GB, but that won't come through FOTA, which is what you are expecting. So I suspect why ASUS is asking for the IMEI number so they can push you the full image.

    What's wrong with the manual way, that's what gets me.

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