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I had this phone for some time, it works really good. But, I have encountered some problems like: stuck pixels sound flickering ( idk how to call it) and, the most recent one, the stuck background. Most of these can be fixed like the stuck pixel or the sound flickering (i think) but this one bugs me out a bit. It's faded a bit and can't be screenshoted to show,beacuse it only appears on my screen, any help?


  • Which device you are using Zenfone 5 or Zenfone 5z?

  • On asus ZenFone 5 z it happend

  • Can u record a video( via screen recorder or record from any other phone and post it here) or any other proof so that mods can easily understand your problem.

  • Sorry for the late reply, i had no internet. When I checked to see the stuck background, it was gone, i don't know how that happend. I'll try and record from another phone if it re-appears and post it here. I tried making a screenshot when it happend but that didn't show it. (On discord I first saw it and then on youtube)

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