Request for a new product launch !!

edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

Hello team Asus , as a first user of Asus Rog 2 i have never been so satisfied with the product and service from Asus , as this device has far exceeded the expectations + fullfilments of every user needs..

I thereby request you kindly release an actual cooling fan as you release Rog 3 , ( Not like Aero active cooler 2 - which barely reduce 3°c of temperature )

As we have seen Xiaomi latest Funcooler pro and its really great in use too , as tested by many users ( attached screenshots ) the results are outstanding on Rog 2 , but we don't want to use other company products so thereby request to kindly release a cooler which supports ( Rog 3 as well Rog 2 )

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