Android 9 also restarting

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Previously I was in A10 latest stable and I faced restart issue for any game while playing.

So I have even downgraded to android 9.

Still I am facing random reboot issue when playing pubg.

During the in-game update today, mid of the update phone stared to restart. Tried 3times same issue.

Every time I am trying to update phone is getting restarted. It's so annoying.

P.s: phone is not connected to charger


  • @psgbharathi If your device is behaving the same after downgrading to A9 I recommend you visit a local service center.

  • amaanmehdiamaanmehdi Level 1
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    Try asking on XDA ROG 2 forums, maybe some of the devs might help.

    Also, not sure about the downgrade process, but if that process didn't involve a Data Wipe, then I would suggest you to do a factory reset of your phone including removing your data files (Backup first!). Then install PUBG Mobile again and see if the issue is fixed. I am no expert, but this is something I would do.

    If nothing then, as @Gustav_ASUS suggested, visiting a service center might help.

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