Phone freezing and shutting off

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First of all let me state the conditions this happens in, it happened 4 times in a row and i think i can replicate it again if possible. So the conditions are:

1. Phone is connected to hyper charge.

2. Phone is connected to ear phone.

3. Auto rotate is on.

4. It is crashing on discord voice chat.

5. Happens quite randomly, happened 4 times in a row. The phone restarted multiple times.

I am pretty sure its not discord bug or anything thats causing this, its same issue people are facing while playing games as i have seen other threads like this in forum.

I request mods to take a look in this.

I am on latest android 10 update variant is 8gb variant and only discord was running on phone, no other apps were opened during this freezing.

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  • Update: if mods want to replicate this issue all they have to do is join a discord that has screen share on and then make sure your microphone is also on, now plugin a headphone/earphones into your phone and vyolla, your phone is frozen and now mods can log their devices to fix this issue. Please push update to fix this annoying issue. Just managed to freeze my phone and restart like 10 times in a row using same method. I suggest mods to do this. Make sure stream is on before plugging the earphone. This method is to get a necessary freeze so they can log it, it also happens randomly so i am not saying that its the only thing thats causing issue. @Gustav_ASUS

  • Otherwise play any game for 10 mins especially High Graphics Game ( Pubg - Just land in bootcamp and watch the freezing magic 😂, Asphalt).Or charge your phone with hyper charge 😡.Please sort out the Problem Asap..I think Asus team is really busy with their rog 3 launch in 22 without caring about last year models.Thank you Asus ROG for your Wonderful Care and service.

  • This sounds more like a potential bug specific to the Discord app. Either way, I'll try and replicate it when I get a chance.

    @sanjith097 I recommend you take your device to a local service center and get it looked at. If you're up for it, I can also send you instructions on how to log your device. If so, mention me in this thread and I'll send a PM.

  • Let me be more specific to this, this is a potential bug with discord app only for asus rog 2 users. Thats more like it.

  • @Akash Gupta Haha, thanks. Sorry for the miscommunication on my part.

  • Also there is a bug that if i minimize the game, the game genie is still on. Idk if that is a bug or not.

  • @Akash Gupta We have tested on a couple of devices and can't replicate your issue. Have you added Discord to Armoury Crate or done something else that can affect the app?

  • I did not do anything that will affect the app. I was only running discord and watching the the screen share of one guy. I am pretty sure i can replicate this issue again

  • @Akash Gupta Would be helpful if you could make a recording when you do.

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