Android 9 Security Patches

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Hello all,

I'm currently still running Android 9 (Firmware Version WW-16.1220.1909.194) on my ZenFone 6, even though I'm well aware Android 10 has been available for many months. This is through choice. I make heavy use of a tasker feature that doesnt work in Android 10.

When I go to 'About Phone' it tells me I'm on 1st September 2019 Android Security Patch level. I just wanted to ask whether this will always remain the case until I decide to upgrade to Android 10?

It would be great if Asus were able to offer the best of both worlds - the option to stay on Android 9 whilst still getting the latest security patches. I have a feeling this may not be possible, but just wanted to double check I've understood correctly.

If it's not possible, how worried should I be, security wise? I'm intending to keep this phone on Android 9 for at least another 2-3 years.

Thanks folks!


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