ROG Phone 2 won't connect to car Bluetooth

aoconno6aoconno6 Level 1
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Today I purchased the ROG Phone 2, and when I tried to pair it to my car (A 2013 Subaru Legacy), it said "Pairing was rejected by CAR_M_Media". This is super upsetting as I love this phone but not being able to connect it to my cars Bluetooth would be enough for me to return it. I looked around online and saw that car pairing was a big problem with this phone but haven't been able to find a fix for this. Also I should mention that I have had many Samsung phones and iPhones connected to my cars Bluetooth with no issue. Does anyone know a fix to this or steps I can take to diagnose my issue, or is it hopeless for this phone?

Edit: The phones software is fully up to date with version 17.0230.2004.60 using Android 10


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