PUBGM doesn't work!

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I recently updated to Android 10, and when I try to play PUBGM it loads perfectly fine, the ping is good, but when I try to start a match it gives an error saying that the server has high ping, if I continue anyway the game is stuck on loading the match and later kicks me to the main screen of the game!

Same thing happens on PUBGM Lite!

*It's not a problem with my network, because everything else related to network works fine!

All my games work fine, I think only the BR games don't work.

*I haven't yet tested on COD Mobile.

Should I Factory Reset?


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    You should reinstall your game and try on another network before you do a factory reset. You could also reset your wifi, mobile & BT first (same menu in system settings as factory reset).

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    Already did all that!

    Even reinstalled the game!

    Still shows the same error. I have attached a screen recording, have a look!

    Please look in the right corner and the status bar,you will see that my connection is good!


  • @92yamas do you have Data Saver enabled by any chance? If so, disable that and see if it works.

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    That did the trick!

    Thanks @Gustav_ASUS

    Btw - Why can't we use data saver whilst playing the game??

  • @92yamas Glad to hear!

    I don't know the root cause at the moment, just that PUBG doesn't seem to respond well to the data saver function, even if it's allowed unrestricted access.

    What should work however, is going into the scenario profile for PUBG in Armoury Crate and enabling 'Restrict background sync' under 'Network'.

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    Hey, another thing I noticed while keeping the data saver on, is that you can't keep video calls from Google Meet or Zoom in the background!

    Turning it off, you can!

    Btw, all this used to work fine in Android 9, even with data saver on ,maybe it's a Android 10 bug.

    Hope this gets fixed soon!

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