Pokémon GO High CPU usage

AndreaAndrea Level 1
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

Hi everyone,

I would like to talk about an issue I'm facing after one of the latest updates of the ROG Phone 2. I noticed that after installing May update (the one that bring us the Android April patches) something strange happens with Pokémon GO: when opening it, it works fine and has a normal cpu usage, but after switching to other applications like WhatsApp or whatever and then going back to Pokémon GO, the CPU usage is stuck to high values. I noticed this from the left armory crate menu. To get it work again to normal CPU usage, I have to close the game and restart it again. But then, if I do again some multitasking, I face the same issue. After May update we received another update on June but the issue is still here. Can anyone help me? Has anyone else faced this issue?




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