ROG 3 launch in July and ROG 2 status on A10

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With the imminent launch of ROG 3 in July, ASUS should really first sort out the bugs that users have been listing over the past few months including game lags, battery drain (unlike A9), charging issues etc. With a small mobile division, I'm pretty sure ROG 2 will take a backseat after ROG 3 is launched. And am pretty sure that ASUS engineers are focusing on ROG 3 launch even right now. I don't blame them because its their management who would be giving directions. But they need to sort the remaining ROG 2 bugs out and provide us with a really good and stable A10 update before July. While the phone works normally, we should have a really stable and optimized software for long term use. This is a request on behalf of all ROG 2 users here.

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