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Phone froze 2 times while setting up stream via streamlabs. It was unresponsive and unable to turn off. I had to hold power button for 15 sec for it to turn off and when it froze second time it took way too long before a reboot and had to boot up twice. I just wanna ask, do you really think its worth calling a gaming phone when it cannot record or stream gameplays?? In recording i am facing real time audio delay and while streaming my phone froze. I deleted stream labs right after 2nd freeze. I want a response from asus. @Anders_ASUS @Titan_ASUS


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    I read from your other post that you're going to Youtube about the ASUS phone. Have you tried streaming to YouTube and see if you get any problems. Do you have any example? It can be affected by many factors and network connections is one of them. Don't be checking connections against the router, it should be the connection that goes directly outside, so it will be anything before the Modem.

  • I have a 500mbps network speed just to clear you mind that its not my router. My phone is running videos smoothly and surfing is good. Now there is 0.00000000005% chance my phone froze because of network or hardware issue considering the fact i have taken my phone to service center for freezing issue to service center before and they just format my phone and said it will never freeze again and yesterday i talked to service center and they said they are aware and it should be fixed in software update as it is nothing related to hardware. My phone temperature was 38°c which is normal. It froze 2 times in a row trying to stream with stream labs. It is an app which can be run in 2 gb phones too so how is it hard freezing my phone?? I am not the only one facing this issue and i know whats causing this. Even mods here agree that its a software bug but druken asus devs are too lazy to fix any issues as serious as this one because it would satisfy their customers which they dont want.

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