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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name:asus max pro m1
  2. Firmware Version:082
  3. Rooted or not:not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):Battery drain issue

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


After update in max pro m1 . The device battery is drain in ideal time from 50% to 24% . The battery drain is not optimised and in normal uses also drain very quickly compare than 063 build . In 063 build i was got 8 to 9 hour screen on time use and in 082 i got 4 to 5 hours screen on time plz fix it asus developer . Provide native video calling , airtel wifi calling , enable camera 2 api also the asus team what is doing

1.battery drain in ideal and normal use

2. Fingerprint scanner not optimised it is not responsive

3. Double tap to wake up not working properly


  • Yes I'm also facing battery drain in idle condition. Network standby is draining the battery

  • Rameez221Rameez221 Level 2

    I am also facing the same problem

  • Hi there, thank you for highlighting the issue. We have made a note of the feedback and will share it with the relevant team.

    Please follow below steps may improve battery backup:

    1. Close apps that are not used (Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, etc.)

    2. Adjust sleep time and brightness (Settings > Display)

    3. Boost memory when you see memory consumption is high with no app running,

    4. check for background running applications, stop/disable unwanted apps, you can manage apps from auto-start manager. 

    Recalibrate battery

    To recalibrate battery, charge your phone to 100% without interruption.

    then discharge it normally till 0%(phone gets switched off).

    charge it to 100% in switched off condition and keep it in that state for a little more time.

    now switch on your phone in charged condition and unplug when ASUS logo appears.

    keep the phone unused for 5 mins.

    you will get far better battery life as the battery stats.bin file will be updated.

  • Hi I am facing same issue ☹️

    Battery is drain even in idl condition with data off

  • prithvi2k2prithvi2k2 Level 1

    Hey, Asus Family ther's a good news for you guys, I think I've found the solution for your queries!

    Now, Jot down what I say on a paper & follow them as I did(Read until the end):

    Part 1 ( You can skip this if you're a geek)

    -Turn off unwanted services like location, bluetooth, network(Wi-fi,Mobile Data) until you really need them. Keep an eye on these services.

    -Turn off notifications and restrict background data usage from app settings of unwanted and not so important apps for you like games, FB, Insta etc...You really don't need them I guess.

    -Turn off auto-brightness and set brightness according to your surroundings manually. Lower brightness will give you even more battery.

    -Set low display sleep time like upto 1 minute or 2 minute if you really need it!

    -Turn off haptic feedback, touch to vibrate/tones on keyboard and others. Turn off lock and unlock sounds. Turn off touch sounds. I think you really don't need them. Turn off all unwanted sounds from sound settings.

    -Keep your homescreens as simple as possible and fill em'up only with your most frquent apps and widgets...don't try to get all the widgets up and running for you always on the homescreen.

    Part 2 ( Mandatory for every user, even non-Asus, Sorry only for Asus, this is Zentalk right!🤣)

    Here are even more important things to save battery:

    -Turn off 'Hey Google' or 'Ok Google' from 'VoiceMatch' settings because you don't need the mic always running for you.

    -Don't use a battery saver until you really need them(You'll only need it if battery is low). Battery saver reduces clock speed and I know many people use battery saver to do cpu and gpu heavy tasks with Battery Saver On, This increases strain on cpu and gpu and they run for a longer time for the same process without battery saver...This will drain your battery drastically. You can use battery saver only when your battery is low like 25-30% or can always use it if you don't perform heavy tasks on battery saver mode, it mostly only used for calls, texting messages, slight surfing and other basic but important things because you probably don't have your charger around all the time!

    -Try to switch off unwanted gestures like all ' Zenmotion' gestures from 'System' in Settings and 'Smart Screen On' in Display settings etc... Until you really really need them!

    - After every Software/FOTA update from Asus 'wipe out the cache partition' from bootloader menu( Swith off your phone and Hold down Power+Volume down button until you see the Asus logo ,, now navigate using the Volume buttons and select using the power buttons)

    -Last but not the least, Recalibrate your battery( Surf the web to find out how to Recalibrate


    If still you are facing battery issues, then it's time to get a new battery! Or even a new device.

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