PUBG matchmaking problem on data saver mode.

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Hello. Normally my ping is always 130+ in PUBG. By turning data saver on i'm getting below 80 ping but it's not entering in the match. It's showing selected server has match making issues or high ping and before entering to the match game is freezing. After i turn my data saver off its coming normal again with high ping. I've tried to unrestricted data usage for all the apps but still it’s not workin. I've attached both before & after picture of the server ping.

Can you please help me out here?? I'm playing with mobile data in Muscat, Oman. Thanks. I


  • Data saver might be interfering with PUBG even though it's allowed. Try doing it trough Armoury Crate instead by going to:

    Armoury Crate - PUBG MOBILE -> Scenario Profiles -> Network -> Restrict background sync -> Save

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