Android 10 suggestion & bug


  1. Camera : when i open camera on apps like telegram, whatsapp, google duo it was too dark and can't see myself
  2. Mic: when i sent voice message on whatsapp or any other messaging application i can't record clear voice. Sometimes no voice recorded
  3. Speaker : when i connect headphones/earphones sound also comes from main speaker. It was very annoying and when i call someone the voice comes from top speaker and at the same time bottom speaker too
  4. Dark mode : sometimes switching to and switching back have some problem. Lag and grapics problem


  1. Allow to Scheduled Dark mode
  2. Swipe fingure print sensor to scroll down notification bar
  3. Enable android bubbles
  4. Add more suggestions to smart reply
  5. Improve battery life and reduce charging time
  6. Add quick open tab in app drawer
  7. Add speed feedback and suggestions tab


  • Asus team' please consider this

  • Scheduled dark mode is an android 11 feature.

    What do you mean by "Add speed feedback and suggestions tab"

  • Some UI like samsung have scheduled dark mode.

    And speed feedback and suggestions table help companies to receive feedback very fast and directly receive them

  • ms.actualisersms.actualisers Level 1
    edited May 2020

    Dear Asus,

    I updated my phone to the latest Beta Android 10 build released by you. Phone serial number and build screenshots are attached for reference. I have a few issues that I want to bring to your notice:

    1. I got my phone in October 2019 and my phone worked perfectly on its original Android 8.1 till about February 2020 when some auto update perhaps Chrome started causing frequent app crashes.

    2. Thinking that it was caused by my not updating my phone's software I updated my phone to Android Pie. But things did not really turn better. I kept facing app crash issues.

    3. Then after installing another one of your updates perhaps build .064 my phone started behaving real peculiar. Some apps would not open at all on the phone like My Vodafone, Zoom, Diksha etc. While others open on their own wish like Telegram, Cova etc.

    4. Hoping that the 2nd Beta Android 10.0 would resolve these issues, I upgraded again. But rather than helping me it has brought its own set of problems along with those that already existed like auto restart of the phone and phone turning extremely slow most of the times so much that I cannot even disconnect phone calls as the screen stays black upto a minute after the call. Similarly waking up the phone is an issue most of the times. Phone screen does not wake up even after repeatedly pressing the power on button.

    5. I resorted to factory reset hoping things would take care of themselves but to no avail.

    To say that I am frustrated would be an understatement. Please help. Is it somehow possible to go back to the original Android 8.1 that my phone was shipped with.

  • I think you can't go back to 8.1 you can only go back to version 9

  • Hi rohankvinodr,

    Is your phone Max Pro M1 ZB601KL ?

    Could you tell us which firmware version? Settings > About phone > Build number.

    Thank you 🙂

  • Hi ms.actualisers,

    Does the auto start behavior appear when using the phone or in sleep mode?

    If when using the phone, what apps/app versions were you using when it appeared?

    If in sleep mode, about how long was the phone in sleep mode? Did it appear after using any app?

    When did it start to happen? Ever since you purchased the phone or after any update?

    How often does it appear? 

    Did any error message appear before it restarted?

    Did any part of the phone heat up?

  • ms.actualisersms.actualisers Level 1
    edited June 2020

    Dear Y_ASUS,

    1. The auto start behavior happens when the phone is in use.

    2. It happens majorly when I try to open apps which do not open on my phone like My Vodafone, Zoom, Diksha etc. But not exclusively. It even happened using Google News today. Even most of the routine usage apps like Whatsapp cause the phone to slow down and lag considerably.

    3. As described above, it happened while using apps.

    4. It started to happen all by itself sometime in February 2020 whereas I bought my phone in October 2019. May be some app update was the cause but I would not be able to pin point because the apps in phone are on auto update setting.

    5. Quite frequently. The phone gets very slow. Does not respond at all. I cannot even disconnect phone calls or wake up the screen at times. Say 7-8 times out of 10 times I use the phone.

    6. No error message has appeared ever.

    7. No the phone does not heat up at all.

    8. Please tell me if it is possible for me to go back to Android Pie using Image Version WW-16.2017.1912.60 published on the Asus site on 24.04.20 or Android Oreo 8.1 from my build number QKQ1.WW_Phone-17.2017.2004.424-20200414. The serial number of my phone is J7AAGF04T941WWG. 

  • rohankvinodrrohankvinodr Level 1
    edited June 2020

    Hi Y_ASUS QKQ1.WW_Phone-17.2017.2004.424-20200414 is my built in number

  • Y_ASUS can you do anything for me??

  • Does anyone else have the problem of Google app always running in the background and draining battery??

  • HI ms.actualisers,

    For the chrome issue, please disable or uninstall updates from Chrome.

    Setting > App&notification > Chrome > Click "Disable"

    Uninstall Chrome from Google Play (Downgrade)

    Google Play > Chrome > Click "Uninstall"

  • Dear Y_ASUS,

    I tried disabling Chrome but to no avail.

    On suggestion of Asus helpdesk I did downgrade to Android 9. It seems to have made my phone slightly better as in it is now usable. But certain issues remain: 

    1. It still continues to sleep sonetimes even when there is an incoming call. So taking the call is not possible.

    2. The screen does not wake up at times on pressing the power button so I have to wait may be a minute or so to access the phone.

    3. Some apps on my phone do not work at all - My Vodafone, COVA, DIKSHA etc.

    Please convey this feedback to your Android 10 developer team.

    And if possible do give an option to revert to Android 8.1 as that was the most stable version of the Android you gave till date

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