Is Android 10 worth installing now?

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I'm still on latest A9 because I have been hearing people were having issues with A10. Having latest firmware is released, would you recommend me to upgrade to A10?

I have zero issue with A9. Everything works great.


  • Same here. Still with A9. After seeing all these bug reports and reboots reports, I decided to skip few more updates. Can't take chances.

  • A9 support has ended (as far as I know) , it's recommended to switch to A10

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    In term of battery life and stability, I found no more big issue on the 3rd A10 update.

    I don't know why other people are having issues since I don't play pubg, cod where I am using it for productivity apps instead.

    I do have this strange issue on touch lag during charging and rare hiccup scrolling animation (very rare).

    Another thing that can only be found on A10 is the forced dark mode on app.

  • I won't recommend right now, wait for the next update. Also did you downgrade or never updated?

  • I was using A9, hard reset went A10 update 1. Having some bugs so jump back to A9. Used for few days before the A10 update came. I jumped to A10 update and everything so good. Does not have any issues where people complained. Did not play PUG so did not face any gaming problem. Now A10 Update 3. Everything is running good. Battery life great, no bug, no restart issues, no charging issues, no heat problem.

    The only only issues I have is. I don't have voLTE and Vowifi. It's Asus issues...

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    I never updated. Are you still experiencing some issues with the latest firmware?

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    I downgraded twice to a9 since a10 just wasn't good. Phone was heating too much and the battery life degraded. I'm gonna wait now till these issues become rare since right now they are very common

  • In A10 did you ever feel that the 120 hz was not as smooth as it's supposed to be at all times? Like did you ever feel that it was lacking the overall UI smoothness we had on A9??

    I've downgraded once and then again went back to A10. What's your suggestion ?I've been having a huge issue after this new update.should I go back to A9 because I personally felt the fingerprint improved with A10 . Don't see much diff with the battery life and thermals tho.

    Please help

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    Yes that happened with me too. 120 didn't feel as smooth and fluid as in a9. I'm not updating to a10. The only good thing is the security patch and the location permissions. But everything else is better in a9.

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    It was stable earlier but this latest update has alot of problems, like the reboots and shutdowns as you can see around, gaming is just impossible for me right now.

  • Mine isn't updating to A10, advice?

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    Don't update. It's not worthy. Just look at the reports here.

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    Thank you guys for your inputs. I'll stay away from A10 updates a while longer and see if next update is finally the one or not. Asus really needs to step up their software. Good hardware is no good without a good software.

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    IDK, ask yourself. I updated my phone on WW-17.0230.2004.60. It's already stable A10 and having no issues or bugs on my end whatsoever. Battery life is a bit better than latest A9.

    Do keep in mind that i have Magisk 20.4 installed.

  • Well A10 have issues mainly for 500gb or 1tb users. Restart issues and hang problems are mostly for high end users which is disappointing. All good for low end users. Also sound delay in inbuilt recorder still not fixed and its there from beginning. Idk what asus is spending their money on. Definately not buying anymore asus

  • I suggest asus to hire a new developer or collab with oneplus to make their software better.

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    I mean i have the 512GB model, so....

    Yeah, no issues.

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