ROG 2. Cannot Strafe left when firing.

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Hello guys.

I am from Brunei Darussalam and our Asus is from Malaysia.

My phone is ROG 2 12gb513 Global version. I have an issue with my phone during the first day I bought it. Bought it early this year, because of the specs and extra spices that is given in the phone is super awesome.

I am a PUBGM enthusiast and my ROG 2 phone is not a daily. This phone mainly activated just for my PUBGM and work session. One of my major problem is the touch movement when I am firing.

The earliest problem arises duirng mid March, my battery cannot be charge. Thanx to our local Asus Distributor managed to solved the problem but not for my screen touch gaming issue.

Reports that I received from our local Asus says that its my gaming behaviour. I cannot tolerate that as I used a friend ROG 2 phone same spec as mine works way better and the experience is far different.

I really hope Asus can help me how to solve the problems. I believe its like a hardware issue.


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