zenfone 5 keep on restarting

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my zenfone 5 asus_x00QD keep on restating, any one can help?and i have tried the wipe cache partition but still wont work.

I have some important data in the phone need to be backup, so i cann do the factory rest yet.

anyone have any idea?


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    never buy asus zenfone again, this is the third zenfone phone that have the same issue.

  • Its most probably motherboard issue which can be fixed only after replacement sorry to hear about ur data n backup unfortunately nothing can be done unless n until phone stops restarting 😔


  • Sorry to hear about ur backup n reset but unfortunately this is a motherboard issue which can be fixed only after replacing motherboard take ur device to nearest service centre


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    hummm a very hopeless and a very promising problem you will have if you were to by assuz zenfone. changed 3 of the zenfone already all have the same issue. it cann be trust

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    Even m zenfone user since its first generation n i almost own all generations at my family as an electronic gadget i can say there are possibilities of issues depending upon usage patterns n yeah i can understand about ur problem but also i got few devices still working flawlessly like 1st gen zenfone 5,zenfone 2,zenfone zoom s,zenfone 3,zenfone 5z zenfone max pro m1

    So all i can say is as user we must understand its and electronic gadget and not every user is effected for every user u got option to take ur device to service centre and get every problem fix also try troubleshooting if still ur problem isnt resolved than u can ask here to mods and they will definatly guide ur problem with a personal attention

    I hope u can understand

    Thankyou have a nce day 😊

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