Asus zenfone 6 Phone screen glitches.

BreezeBreeze Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Need some help!!!! So my phone has some screen glitches, its been a issue that i faced recently. Iam not really sure why it happened tho.. The phone was working fine. So the issue is i get these lines used to be green lines but now its just a white mist thing which starts from the edges and then spreads all over the screen. The screen is still functional.. Also to get rid of this glitch i have to lock the screen and then unlock the screen but the glitch starts again after i turn my screen on or unlock my phone.. Sometimes it'll be fine on its own. Also when i take screenshots. I cant capture the glitch in the screenshot.. Attaching an image i took of my phone with the glitch. Also my phone never dropped... My screen is a lill damaged but it was months back even before the glitch ever happened.


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