Phone charging issue

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It's is only charging when rebooted or switched off and once we disconnect from the charger and reconnect it again it stops charging.


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    What is ur device model? Also try to check if same happens in safe mode

    To go to safe mode- press lock button for few seconds>then tap on shut down for few sec hold ur tap>and will ask u to entre safe mode

    To exit safe mode- simply restart ur device u will be back to normal

    also try charging with a different cable and see if u face same issue

    Thankyou 😊

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    Thanks. Will try with other cable as well.Model no. Is Asus 5z

  • deepikadeepika Level 1

    It's not helping with safe mood too

  • If charging is happening in reboot mode or switch off mode and not in normal usage than this sounds like bug to me now if changing ur cable also didn't help u out

    Kindly take backup of ur imp data and give a try with factory reset as last option to check if factory data reset did not solve ur problem than this may be hardware issue kindly take ur device to service centre for further examination by taking backup of ur imp data

    To factory data reset steps:-

    Settings>system>reset options>reset all data (factory reset)


  • Hi, we’d request you to follow these below steps to resolve the charging issue you’ve been facing.

    1.      Try using another charger to charge the device and see if the device is charging normally.

    2.      Use your original charger to charge another device and see if there are any abnormalities in charging the other device.

    3.      If there is no problem with the charger, take a full backup of the device and perform a factory reset. 

  • Facing the same issue. Thank god i am not alone

  • Hi . . . Your not alone.

    I just noticed that i got this problem too.

    When I Plugged my charger there is no notification "FAST CHARGING"

  • If everyone is facing same issue i suggest you all please blow a fast releasing air by ur mouth in cable plug in type-c and also in 5z charging port where u gonna plug in that cable plug in type-c (remember air blown through air should be strong n fast enough and plz also take care accidently u dont release saliva droplets in port n plug in type-c

    Following above steps will clear dust where there is possibility of getting ur fast charging back i tried it 1 time and i did same and never faced this issue again

    Hope this helps!!!

    Thankyou 😊

  • Spawning @CH_ASUS @and06tw@Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS to look into this. Plz help as various users facing the issue

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